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The Cost of Interruptions in Sales & DevOps: Identifying and Solving Productivity Blockers

The Cost of Interruptions in Sales

The Significance of Efficient Meeting Frameworks in CRM and Sales Strategy In the realm of CRM consulting, especially when assisting enterprise customers to refine their CRM strategies, the significance of structuring productive meetings for sales teams cannot be overstated. Interruptions in sales and DevOps can cost more than time; they hit where it hurts: productivity. … Read more

The Lesson from Herbert Dow, the Monopoly Breaker: Embracing Change with CRM strategy and Sales Expertise

The Lesson from Herbert Dow

Embracing Strategy Change: Mastering Tough Decisions with Lumen’s Expertise In the dynamic world of sales and CRM strategy, admitting and rectifying a flawed strategy is a daunting task, especially for CEOs. It’s a challenge that extends beyond mere business acumen; it demands a profound readiness to embark on what is often a very hard path. … Read more

Launching a successful product with Zoho One and Zoho CRM

Over the years we have seen that, when companies launch new products, some of those products end up unsuccessful. The question becomes: “What makes a successful product or an unsuccessful product?”. We start by defining what is a successful new product. Most companies go with a objective definition of ROI by measuring sales volume, margin, … Read more

The Dramatic SQream DB Impact on performance and cost efficiency for massive data analytics

SQream benefits in cost and performance

When tasked with improving the ability to analyze data, you want a powerful solution that is fast and cost efficient.  Let’s discuss the SQream DB difference. Founded in 2010, SQream is an award-winning startup with a presence worldwide.  Data stores are growing exponentially.  As data is held for longer periods, complexity increases.  Customers are looking … Read more

How to use Zoho CRM for sales forecasting

Use Zoho CRM to jump at business opportunity One key challenge we see our Zoho CRM customers have is in using their sales forecasting module correctly. It is especially important in some industries as it can be a critical tool in managing accounts and sales. The sales forecasting module of Zoho CRM allows you to … Read more

The top 3 key questions for sales force planning

Zoho sales force planning

when how many salespeople do you need? Can your CRM help you? Did you know that 66% of small to medium size businesses don’t have the data they need to substantiate whether or not their sales force is the right size?  We’ve also noticed that this problem is more acute for businesses that have an … Read more