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Lumen provides Expert Web, Mobile, & Software Development Services

Lumen stands at the forefront of technology innovation, offering Expert Web, Mobile, & Software Development Services. With 25 years of leadership in the tech industry, we provide end-to-end rapid development and maintenance, consistently delivered on budget and on time. Our commitment to scalability, flexibility, and seamless connectivity has made us a trusted partner in driving business transformation.

Our expertise spans across:

Web Development:

Crafting dynamic, responsive websites that drive user engagement and business growth.

Mobile App Development:

Developing intuitive, high-performance mobile applications tailored to meet user needs.

Software Development:

Creating robust software solutions that streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Application Development:

Building custom applications designed for optimal performance and scalability.

SaaS Development:

Turning innovative ideas into successful SaaS applications, offering end-to-end services from concept to deployment.
Lumen SAAS Development

At Lumen, we’re not just developers; we’re pioneers passionate about quality and innovation. Our team’s rich experience allows us to take your vision from concept to reality, transforming sketches into full-fledged SaaS applications that deliver tangible value to your users. Our comprehensive approach ensures we cover all bases, from web apps to data storage to hosting, making us your all-in-one solution for digital success.

With our deep expertise in data, analytics, AI, and software solutions, Lumen is uniquely positioned to lead your projects to success. Our history of excellence and innovation is your assurance of cutting-edge solutions that propel your business forward. Engage with us today to leverage our quarter-century of experience and leadership in transforming ideas into impactful software solutions.


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Web and Mobile Application Development Services

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, a SaaS product can transform the way you do business. But building a SaaS product is a complex process, and your development team will need to have a deep understanding of the technologies involved. That’s where Lumen comes in.


SaaS web development

We design, build and implement user-friendly, and engaging, web interfaces.


Mobile Application development

Create portability for your users, with our mobile capable applications.



We build flexible integration solutions to improve your connectivity.


SaaS platform development

Our highly scalable back-ends ensure your growth capability. 


Third party integration

We build for easy integration with your external platforms and services.



Our infrastructure ensures you can support multiple clients while maintaining security.


Service Levels

Our solutions ensure you can meet your clients’ needs and deliver your services with agreed levels.


Fault tolerance

Flexible server porting ensure our applications are resilient to power outage and server crashes.

Our Technologies

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Software As A Service is a game changer

Source: Desmond Chong

Subscription model saves time

Instead of buying software and then installing it, SaaS users subscribe to the software on a monthly or an annual basis. The relevant applications are used online through files saved in the cloud.

Since the application is already configured, the user has a ready-to-use application. This not only reduces installation and configuration time, but also cuts down the time wasted on potential glitches linked to software deployment.

More traditional software models often come with cumbersome and time-sucking installations which can take several weeks to implement. SaaS drastically cuts down this time for users in the telecom industry.

All you need is a net connection and log in information to access the new software. As long as an Internet connection is available, the applications can be accessed from any location.


Since SaaS systems are cloud-based, they are easily scalable and can be quickly integrated with other similar systems. So telecom users don’t need to buy additional software or servers — only a new SaaS offering has to be enabled. Also, the SaaS provider effectively makes the server capacity available to the user.

SaaS vendors help you receive upgrades and updates as soon as they are ready, saving time and resources.

Performance monitoring tools provide useful data on utilisation of computer resources, and it makes sense to invest in them.

Easy to Use

SaaS apps can be accessed through the Internet and a number of mobile devices. The quality and consistency of user interfaces have also greatly improved in the past few years, and the adoptability learning curve is low.

Thus employees who have recently joined a telecom company can easily and quickly learn how to use SaaS applications. Good SaaS applications offer tutorials and guides to empower people using the software for the first time.

For telecom companies it is helpful to do some homework before latching on to a SaaS system to ensure that it has strong back-end support. This will allow the firm’s IT engineers to concentrate on their core competencies.

SaaS applications provide ample scope for customisation to suit the requirements of specific industries such as telecom, and individuals.

Saving Costs

The monthly or annual subscription fees paid by companies for using SaaS apps are much easier to budget for. SaaS systems often come with the flexibility to change or cancel the subscription.

Money is also saved on capital expenditure involving infrastructure and hardware as well as hiring staff to manage the application. Besides the lower up front costs linked with installing and implementing the system (which needs to be integrated with other software systems), SaaS also leads to lower maintenance.  

The pay-as-you-go pricing models enable companies to pay only for what they are using and cut down heavy licensing fees.

Enhanced Security

Since SaaS-based data is hosted on the cloud and backed up by the provider, it is typically more secure than traditional systems. If there is a security emergency that hits the company server or an employee’s computer, most data remains secure on the servers and database of the SaaS provider. 

This is also useful as employees often use their personal devices for office work, and these can be susceptible to data loss. But as the data is held on the cloud instead of the employee’s personal device, it remains secure. 


Take the Next Step with Lumen Business Solutions​

Don’t settle for less – partner with Lumen Business Solutions for an experience that drives your business forward.