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Specialising in Amazon Connect Consultation – Transforming Customer Engagement with Tailored, Efficient Solutions


Why Choose Lumen for Amazon Connect Services?

Experience our expert configuration and custom setup of Amazon Connect. Lumen’s dedicated team excels in designing and implementing tailored solutions that fit your specific business needs.

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Meeting Your Needs – Our Commitment to You

  • Skill Building: “We will train you with all the necessary skills to be self-sufficient, empowering your team to manage and optimise Amazon Connect effectively.”
  • Efficient Call Flow Design: “We build together the most efficient call flow, tailoring solutions to meet your specific requirements and ensuring optimal customer interaction.”
  • Understanding Call Flow Psychology: “We work with you on the psychology of call flow, focusing on strategies to achieve customer satisfaction and prevent any feelings of resentment.”
  • Cost-Effectiveness: “And the most cost-effective call flow, focusing on maximising your ROI while delivering exceptional service quality.”
  • Quick Setup: “You’ll be up and running in days, with our streamlined process ensuring a swift and smooth transition to Amazon Connect.”
  • Number Porting Assistance: “We help you to port your telephone number to Amazon, ensuring a hassle-free migration to keep your existing customer contacts intact.”
  • Seamless Integration: “We will integrate Amazon Connect into your organisation, ensuring a seamless blend with your current systems and processes.”
amazon connect setup

Expertise in CRM and Zoho CRM Integration

Content Paragraph As experts in seamless integration, we bring together Amazon Connect and your CRM systems, including Zoho CRM, to enhance customer interaction and data management.

Custom API Solutions for Enhanced Connectivity

Content Paragraph Lumen specializes in building custom APIs for Amazon Connect, ensuring enhanced connectivity between your telephony systems and business applications.

amazon connect setup

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