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Data Migration


Data Cleaning and Data Migration is the final piece of the big 4 in our Intelligent Automation for businesses, arguably the most important and hardest to do effectively. While many claim they are able to do this effectively, very few are able to do it as effectively and to Lumens standards.

Implementation of new systems and software requires moving your existing data from your old system to your new system or platform, this process is known as Data Migration. In order to accomplish your Data Migration effectively the data must be “cleaned” first, meaning that your data has to be configured to fit in either your new system, or integrating it within your current systems via API integration.

Because we are mixing and streamlining different data sets and different systems, each job can be have a very wide range in complexity, difficulty and depending on the customer requirements. As some customers can have many different applications and data sets that need to be sorted and integrated seamlessly. Because of this, the nature of the job is sensitive and often requires complex programming skills to setup the correct structures to make large amounts of data accessible and meaningful for our customers and to deliver them a product that will significantly impact their business.

Data cleaning is also an extremely tedious and time consuming task, making attention to detail a paramount requirement. What generally happens in the software industry is that this task is relegated or outsourced to complete, as many find this expensive, unsexy and difficult. This causes a myriad of problems and is a dangerous combination, as you don’t know who is going to be handling your data and to what standard it’s being handled at. This is why there are so many horror stories about this exact topic. You can be assured that Lumen does all of it’s data cleaning and migration processes inhouse by our experienced programmers.

What can complicate this process even further is when the focus is on migrating your financial accounting data. This is an area where specialist knowledge is required to prevent a loss of high value information and time, which is where Lumen really shines. It has become clear to us at Lumen that the uniting of strong programming experience and financial accounting knowledge is key to successful outcomes in this area.

The ability to truly understand the technology your business is using and what you are wanting to achieve requires real skill, experience and intelligence. To enrich, clean and sort your data for migration purposes between applications and to arrange the data in a way that will allow our customers to make the best informed decisions about their business by giving them the best data available.

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