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Sales Training Program

To generate leads, manage a pipeline, call cycle, schedule more appointments, hold effective meetings, ask the right questions, determine the needs of customers, have the know-how to provide solutions for customers’ problems, create successful bids and proposals, handle objections, negotiate, tender negotiation, close sales, upsell, cross-sell, increase the share of wallet, stop leakage, keep clients, and manage key accounts.

Lumen’s Feedback and Coaching service: Simply providing sales training is not enough to ensure long-term success. Ongoing feedback and coaching are essential to help salespeople engrain the skills they’ve learned and improve their performance.

lumen team sales training

One effective method for providing feedback is through regular one-on-one coaching sessions with sales managers or trainers. These sessions can be used to review each step on the sales cycle and the customer buying journey, to identify areas for improvement at the right time.

Lumen Business has worked with hundreds of happy businesses to train their sales staff and sales managers over the past 25 years. We work with organisations of all sizes from teams of 5 sales staff to over 140 sales staff. Because we are also CRM experts, we understand the issues from the personal side as well as the systems side. It gives us a strong competitive advantage, ensures high retention of knowledge by your sales team, and ensures it fits your business process and culture.

Lumen Business has an impressive track record of working with hundreds of satisfied businesses over the past 25 years to deliver top-tier sales training to their sales staff and managers. Our unparalleled expertise in CRM has given us an exceptional understanding of the intricate nuances that can impact sales performance from both personal and systems-related perspectives. By tailoring your training programs to perfectly align with each organization’s unique processes and culture, Lumen Business provides an unmatched level of customizability that ensures high retention of knowledge by your sales team, giving you a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How we work with you

We work together with you to provide fully customized sales training and coaching. We collaborate with you to learn about your situation and what you would like to improve or alter. We research the goods and services offered by your business and the way sales are conducted before designing and writing a custom sales training programme that satisfies all your needs.

lumen team sales training

Basics of Selling: This kind of sales training covers the fundamentals of selling, including generating leads, managing a pipeline, calling cycle, scheduling more appointments, holding effective meetings, asking the right questions, identifying customer needs, knowing how to solve customers’ problems, creating successful bids and proposals, handling objections, negotiating, tender negotiation, closing sales, upselling, cross-selling, and increasing the share of wallet. Salespeople learn the foundational skills that are essential for success in any selling role.

Advanced Selling Skills: Advanced sales training builds on the fundamentals and focuses on developing more advanced skills, such as consultative selling, strategic account management, and complex sales processes. Salespeople learn how to sell more effectively to high-level decision-makers, negotiate deals, and manage the sales process from start to finish.

Value Selling: Value-based selling training helps salespeople understand the needs of their customers and how to position their products or services as a solution that provides real value. Salespeople learn how to communicate the unique value proposition of their products and services to customers, and how to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Account Management: Account management training is designed to help salespeople build and manage long-term relationships with their customers. Salespeople learn how to identify key accounts, create account plans, and manage the sales process from opportunity identification to close. This type of training emphasizes customer retention, upselling, cross-selling, and wallet share of wallet

Tender, Bid, and Proposal: Salespeople who work with government agencies, large corporations, or other organizations that use a formal bidding process need to be able to create compelling proposals that address the customer’s specific requirements. Tender, bid, and proposal training teaches salespeople how to write and present winning proposals that demonstrate their understanding of the customer’s needs and offer a clear value proposition.

Social Media Selling: social media has become an important tool for salespeople to connect with potential customers and build relationships. Social media selling training covers how to use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to identify and engage with prospects, build credibility, and create a personal brand.

Essential Negotiation: Negotiation training teaches salespeople how to navigate complex negotiations, overcome objections, and reach win-win agreements with customers. Salespeople learn how to prepare for negotiations, understand the customer’s needs and motivations, and create options that satisfy both parties.

Management and Sales Team: Sales management training focuses on developing the skills necessary to lead and motivate a sales team. Managers learn how to set goals, provide coaching and feedback, manage performance, and create a positive sales culture. Sales team training focuses on building a high-performing team, including how to recruit, train, and motivate salespeople, and how to create a team that is aligned around a common goal.

Proof of Concept: In some cases, customers may require a proof of concept (POC) before committing to a purchase. Salespeople need to be able to demonstrate their product or service in a way that convinces the customer that it will meet their needs. POC training covers how to design and deliver effective demonstrations that highlight the key benefits of the product or service and address the customer’s specific concerns.

Contract Negotiation: Contract negotiation training is
focused on developing the skills necessary to negotiate contracts that are
favourable to both the seller and the customer. Salespeople learn how to
identify the customer’s needs and goals, and how to structure agreements that
address those needs while protecting the interests of the seller. Negotiation
training covers a range of topics, including tactics and strategies, effective
communication, and problem-solving techniques.

A retail sales training course is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required to excel in a sales career in the retail industry. The course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of retail sales processes and strategies that can be applied to increase sales and customer satisfaction.


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