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Zoho Projects Consultant- Redefining Business Technology Implementation Since 2014

Zoho Projects Consultant

Welcome to Lumen Business, a pioneer in transforming business technology and project delivery practises. Our journey since 2014 has been characterised by a deep understanding of the complexities in project management implementation. We don’t just introduce business software; we revolutionise your approach to project management, ensuring alignment with your unique business context.

New Zealand Zoho Projects Consultant

Our Distinctive Edge

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Mastering Complex Business Implementations: We specialise in navigating the intricacies of business outcomes and complex project management. By analysing, strategizing, and customising solutions, we ensure effective systems and processes that are specifically tailored to your organisational needs without introducing overly complex customisations that are expensive to maintain.

Optimising IT Infrastructure for Maximum Effectiveness: Recognising the critical role of IT infrastructure, we focus on optimising your setup to enhance the functionality of your business and project software, ensuring seamless integration and peak performance. Our configuration of scalable cloud resources ensures that you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Empowering Teams with Enhanced Skills: We believe in the power of upskilling your workforce. High-performing business delivery teams are created through evolution. Our comprehensive training programmes are designed to ensure your team is well-equipped to utilise the full potential of the implemented solutions.

Specialising in financial management for key industries: Our expertise extends to managing complex project budgets, particularly in sectors like construction and IT. We offer solutions that streamline cash flow management, purchasing and facilitate informed financial decision-making throughout the project delivery.

Streamlining Your Transition to Advanced Project Management

We guide you in the critical transition from traditional tools like spreadsheets to sophisticated systems like Zoho Projects. This shift from reactive reporting to proactive planning and management is central to our approach, ensuring control and efficiency in all project aspects.

Zoho Projects Consultants
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Tailored Strategies for Diverse Business Profiles

Whether your team is advanced in project management and IT or just starting out, we offer strategies and support tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to meet your team where they are at and to help develop your project management capabilities

With Lumen Business, experience a transformative approach to project management where efficiency, control, and success are at the forefront of every operation.

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