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Online calendar for your business, to keep teams organized

Zoho Calendar is an online business calendar that makes scheduling easy for you. You can use it to stay on top of your schedule and also share calendars with your team to keep everyone on the same page.

Streamline your team events with Zoho Calendar

Create events, invite users, manage group calendars, and organize your team events with our shareable calendars and more.

Managing events easier than never

Manage your events better by categorizing them into multiple calendars—personal or work. With Smart Add, create events by typing in a simple phrase. You can use the free/busy schedule to know when all your attendees are available and even follow-up with them using the reminders in Zoho Calendar.

Share calendars with your team

You can share calendars to keep your team in the loop. Create public calendars or group calendars to collaborate with your team on work events. You can embed your calendar online for everyone to see, or even share the private URL of your calendar for a smaller audience to see.

Collaborate better with resource booking

Finding a meeting room shouldn’t take longer than the meeting itself. You can add the list of conference rooms in your organization into Resource Booking. Your teams can then book the room of their choice for a specified time, create an associated event, and send out invites to the meeting—all from one place in Zoho Calendar.

Simplify scheduling appointments

Schedule appointments without all the back-and-forth. With your calendar embedded on your website, anyone who wants to meet with you can request an appointment in one click. You can approve or reject these requests and also customize the appointment form with the color and language of your choice.

Bring all calendars to one place

No longer need to worry about missing out on events across different online calendars. You can import events from other calendars using an ICS file or a calendar URL. You can also subscribe to your colleague’s calendar,holiday calendar or any public calendar to stay updated.

Sync your events across devices

There’s more than one way to sync Zoho Calendar to your desktop and mobile devices. Choose between CalDAV, Exchange ActiveSync, Zoho CalSync or Google Calendar sync to stay in sync with other devices and calendars.

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