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Optimising Your Bidding Process with Decision Matrix Integration in CRM: A Lumen Business Strategy

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Unlock the power of informed decision-making in construction, engineering, mining, and subcontracting. Celebrating 25 years of industry leadership, Lumen Business blends deep expertise with pioneering technology solutions.

Bidding Process with Decision Matrix
Bidding Process with Decision Matrix

Transform Your Tender and Proposal Management

Efficiency Meets Expertise: Streamline your bidding process with our CRM enhanced by an integrated Decision Matrix, ensuring optimal choices for your Tech, Construction, Engineering, or Mining projects.

The Power of Decision Matrix in Your CRM

Innovative, Data-Driven Decision-Making: Our CRM isn’t just a management tool; it’s your strategic ally in decision-making.

  1. Customised Criteria: Tailor your evaluation criteria – prioritise cost, technical expertise, sustainability, or other vital factors.
  2. Intelligent Weighting: Adjust the importance of each criterion to align with your project objectives.
  3. Automated Scoring: Effortlessly score bids based on your set criteria and weights.
  4. Comprehensive Analysis: Merge quantitative data with qualitative insights for a full evaluation.
  5. Confident Choices: Make data-driven decisions with greater accuracy and confidence.
Bidding Process with Decision Matrix

Detailed Example: Evaluating Vendors for a Tech Project

Scenario: Comparing vendors using our Decision Matrix in CRM.

Vendor’s Criteria:

  • Cost (30% weight)
  • Technical Expertise (25% weight)
  • Experience (20% weight)
  • Sustainability (15% weight)
  • Maintenance Costs (10% weight)

Process Scorecard Layout:

  1. Scoring Each Bid: Vendors are rated on a 1-10 scale for each criterion.
  2. Applying Weights: Scores are multiplied by the criterion’s weight.
  3. Total Score Calculation: Weighted scores are summed for a comprehensive evaluation.
  4. Qualitative Assessment: Non-quantifiable factors are also considered.

Vendor’s Criteria

TechBright (Vendor A)

Vendor B

Vendor C

Cost (30% weight)




Technical Expertise (25% weight)




Experience (20% weight)




Sustainability (15% weight)




Maintenance Costs (10% weight)




Total Weighted Score




  • TechBright leads in the overall score, indicating its proposal aligns well with the project criteria.
Bidding Process with Decision Matrix

Join the Revolution with Lumen Business

Elevate Your Bidding Strategy: Embrace the future of smart decision-making in your industry. Connect with Lumen Business to explore how our CRM with Decision Matrix integration can redefine your tender and proposal management.