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Collins Plumbing

Providing Plumbing, Gas, Heating & Drainage services. 

Lumen Business Solutions Case Study: Enhancing Project Management for Collins Plumbing

Collins case study


Software Development  
Ilan Gross
Director/ Consultant



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Collins Plumbing

Collins Plumbing and Gas Ltd (CPG) in Auckland, New Zealand, has established itself as a leader in plumbing, gasfitting, heating, and drainage. Since its inception in 2007, CPG has been at the forefront of both residential and commercial sectors, known for its commitment to quality and innovation.

As Collins Plumbing and Gas Ltd (CPG) expanded its reach in handling large-scale, high-end development projects, they recognized an opportunity to further refine their project management and client communication processes. While CPG was successfully managing a growing portfolio of complex projects, they sought to elevate their efficiency and client engagement to even higher standards.

The nature of these large-scale projects, rich in detail and scope, presented a unique set of requirements. CPG aimed to enhance the fluidity of their operations, ensuring that every aspect of project management, from resource allocation to client updates, operated like a well-oiled machine. This drive for continuous improvement was not born out of necessity, but from a desire to exceed industry standards and provide unparalleled service to their clients.

In this context, CPG saw the value in a sophisticated project management solution that could further streamline their processes while amplifying the clarity and effectiveness of their client interactions, ensuring that every project detail was seamlessly integrated into their workflow.


We’re going to go over the key areas that had to be addressed in the implementation:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Very efficient solution to their needs
  • Operational Self-sufficiency
  • Outcomes and Benefits
  • Drastic reduction in total cost of ownership

Lumen’s Custom Project Management Solution

Responding to these needs, Lumen Business Solutions developed a bespoke project management tool tailored to CPG’s requirements. This tool was engineered to enhance communication and streamline operations. It featured real-time project tracking, centralized communication, advanced scheduling, and resource management capabilities.

The implementation phase was a collaborative effort, ensuring a smooth integration into CPG’s existing operations. Comprehensive training was provided to ensure the CPG team could fully leverage the new system.

The introduction of Lumen’s tool brought a transformative change to CPG’s approach to project management. It led to improved communication with clients, more efficient project timelines, and an overall enhancement in managing complex projects.

The CPG team highly commended the tool for its intuitive design and significant impact in enhancing project management efficiency and client relationships.

Collins Plumbing

Lumen Business Solutions’ custom project management tool has been pivotal in advancing Collins Plumbing’s project management capabilities. This case study is a testament to Lumen’s ability to understand and meet the unique needs of their clients, delivering solutions that drive efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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