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BPM – Business Process Management


What is BPM?

Business Process Management(BPM) is Lumen’s holistic strategic approach to reshaping existing business processes to achieve better efficiency, productivity and consistency for our customers. We want the very best outcomes for our customers, we use the very best tools available to achieve the best possible results with over 700 of happy customers. 

Lumen’s BPM offers our customers a complete end-to-end analysis and approach to process automation unlike any other in New Zealand. Comprehensively and intelligently engineering the business process flows to eliminate problems, bottlenecks, connect and integrate systems leading to major improvements in productivity company wide. Combining our RPA and API integration whenever required to maximize your business operational capabilities.

Lumen’s BPM is a long term approach that requires dedication and business discipline that will significantly improve your business overall. Improving productivity, business agility, business efficiency. Improving compliance requirements while achieving reductions in cost of operations. Depending on the complexity and requirements of your integration.

Lumen’s BPM uses comprehensive methods to investigate, analyze, measure, validate, optimize and automate business processes. Using business analytics, business rules, work-flow engines or even collaboration tools and web forms. Using our toolbox we provide insights into process automation and better understanding of the possible optimization for your business. Giving tangible accurate results that management can use and be proud of.

Lumen has a wide range of software offerings that can be transformative to your businesses success in the future. By providing a wide variety of tools to help streamline and improve how your business processes are performed at all levels of the business.

Lumen’s BPM focuses on improving your business by creating discipline in management processes that are both structured and predictable, and unstructured and variable depending on your individual requirements.

Understanding that your processes themselves are an asset to the organization that has it’s own iteration process that needs to be understood, managed, developed. Leading to a major value add to the quality, customer service and consistency that you can deliver to your customers.

Examples of services Lumen BPM can improve

Managing and nurturing account and customer relations. Compiling and documenting information. Regulatory and legislative requirements. Managing and monitoring fiscal responsibilities. Requirements to develop processes with electronic forms, workflows and approval processes. Ethical requirements and governance management. Risk and compliance issues. Better business processes and enterprise document management. All these are examples of services we can offer, however we tailor our BPM to your individual business requirements.

Why use Lumen BPM?

You can be sure when working with Lumen as it has over 700 customers working with it, with decades of experience in the software industry behind it. Lumen is one of the leading companies in BPM that you can be sure of speed, quality and outcome that you can be proud of.

Don’t take our word for it! We have a wide range of customer testimonials, that cover many different types of companies both big and small that will tell you how Lumen has helped them substantially improve and grow their businesses.


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