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CRM Automation with Integromat Make + Lumen = API Power!

Your business is built on the power of your data.  Using an API for CRM Automation will make your workflow smoother.  If you want to connect your older apps with your newer ones, or you have information on multiple platforms, Integromat will make it easy to connect your software stack.  

The value of Workflow Automation

Much more than a catchy phrase, workflow automation allows repeatable business tasks to be automated.  This can reduce the chance of errors and increase your efficiency.  With strategic workflows, you can know your business better.  As a result, you will provide a superior customer service experience.

We use and appreciate Zoho Flow which is a critical component of the Zoho One suite.   However, Zoho does not exist in a vacuum, and we’re sure you have plenty of other apps you would like to manage in your workflow.

Integromat is a CRM Automation tool which is able to connect and process almost any piece of software on any platform.  Above all, you do not have to worry about your unique systems not playing nicely together.  As the most trusted Integromat partner in New Zealand, Lumen develops custom, cost effective CRM Automation solutions.

Integromat Free Plan vs. Zapier Free Plan

You have probably heard of Zapier.  But now the team at Integromat have caught up with the big boys and are punching above their weight.  It’s one of our favourite tools, allowing us to connect your software suite into a signle process that works intelligently for your business. 

While Zapier is more well known, as a CRM automation tool, Integromat offers so much more: 

  • Zapier provides 5 free Zaps (workflows) vs. Integromat with unlimited scenarios
  • Integromat has unlimited modules, while Zapier limits you to 2-step Zaps 
  • Zapier offers 100 tasks a month, while Integromat provides a generous 1000 operations (tasks)
  • Integromat lets you connect all apps, whereas Zapier has so called “premium” applications which you need to pay to connect.

Detailed logging and control

Integromat provides detailed information about each execution.  Firstly, every operation is logged so you can see clearly what data is processed and when. Secondly, it also offers privacy by allowing you to block transmission of data outside your network.

It gives you control over the data you are processing.  Moreover, your company has the ability to safely duplicate data by having built in routers.   After that, you can process data between multiple applications and systems, and filter the data going through those routes.  This is the power of CRM Automation.

Smooth Error Handling

Integromat provides unique error handling features. Unexpected events are managed with ease. By creating error handling routes, you will apply special commands to specify how the execution should continue.  This gives Lumen customers unprecedented format control and most importantly, saves time. 

It has a very powerful data processing engine giving you the ability to split data into parts.  Moreover, you can process them separately, or gather data and process them in groups. 

This allows you to process multiple attachments in an email and address each attachment one by one.

Lumen is Number One at CRM Automation in New Zealand

Lumen is one of the few software companies that has the technical knowledge in-house to tailor-make CRM Automation to your business.  In conclusion, we deliver outcomes faster and  more cost effective for our customers.  We’re ready to chat and discuss how Integromat can work for you.

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