What Excel help do you get from Lumen Business?

When you cannot solve an issue with Excel, Lumen responds. Struggling with Excel issues can be a major roadblock, especially with tight deadlines. It’s not just about the frustration; it’s about finding a solution that works quickly and efficiently. That’s where Lumen Business Solutions shines. We’re here to provide the Excel help and support you need when you need it most.

Immediate Excel Help, Support, and Training Solutions
Immediate Excel Help, Support, and Training Solutions

Immediate assistance: Fast, Effective Excel Support

At Lumen, we understand the critical nature of your Excel problems. Our goal is to offer immediate assistance to get you back on track as soon as possible. Whether you need help the same day or the next, we strive to fix issues within a few hours, provided they’re solvable in that timeframe.

Additionally, our expertise isn’t limited to Excel. Our team of mathematicians, statisticians, data modeling experts, and BI specialists can tackle any issue you may have. From designing and planning your complex spreadsheet requirements to automating your business processes completely, Lumen’s experts ensure efficiency and ease of maintenance like no other.

Common Excel Challenges: From Tricky to Trivial

Complex Formulas:

  • Crafting formulas that go beyond the basics. Whether it’s nested IF statements, array formulas, or VLOOKUPs that refuse to cooperate, we’ve got your back.


  • A powerhouse for data analysis, yet setting them up correctly, especially with large datasets, can be a puzzle. From grouping data to custom calculations, we simplify the complex.

Macro Troubles:

  • Automating tasks with VBA macros offers huge time savings, but when your code doesn’t run as expected, frustration ensues. Whether it’s debugging or writing from scratch, we make macros manageable.

Data Visualization:

  • Excel charts and graphs offer powerful ways to present your data, but achieving the exact look and feel you want can be elusive. We help your data make an impact.

Spreadsheet Optimization:

  • Slow or crashing spreadsheets can derail your work. If you’re struggling with performance issues, we know the fixes that can get your Excel flying fast again.

Conditional Formatting Woes:

  • Highlighting key data automatically makes insights pop, but setting it up can be finicky. From simple color-coding to complex criteria-based formatting, we streamline the process.

Uncertain Steps:

  • Stuck on an Excel task and unsure how to proceed? Sometimes, you might not even know where to begin or what questions to ask. If you’re facing an issue or simply don’t know the best way forward in Excel, we’re here to guide you. From unravelling complex challenges to offering step-by-step guidance on unfamiliar features, our experts are ready to clear the path to your success.

Design and Plan Big Excel Projects:

  • Not sure how to go about Lumen’s experts will plan and design your new complex spreadsheet, so it will run fast and will be easy to maintain.

Specialized Excel Training: Immediate Learning, Lasting Mastery

Why Lumen’s Excel Training Excels?

Lumen’s Excel training uniquely focuses on providing immediate solutions to your current problems, designed for:

  • Direct Problem Solving: Learn to quickly solve your specific Excel issues with our focused, efficient training.
  • Immediate Application: Our training is aimed at immediate understanding and application, getting you back to work without delay.
  • Empowerment for the Future: We equip you with the skills to independently tackle future Excel challenges, ensuring long-term proficiency.
Excel Consultants and Spreadsheet Experts in New Zealand
Excel Consultants and Spreadsheet Experts in New Zealand

Your Excel Issues and Excel Challenges, Lumen’s Solutions

No matter the hurdle, Lumen Business Solutions stands ready. We transform your Excel struggles into strengths, ensuring you meet deadlines with confidence and precision. Don’t let Excel frustrations hold you back. Reach out to Lumen today, and let’s tackle those challenges together.

Ready to Solve Your Excel Problems?

If you’re facing an Excel issue or looking for guidance on effective Excel usage, Lumen Business Solutions is your go-to partner. Our expert team is here to provide the support you need to overcome any Excel challenge with confidence.

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Excel Consultants and Spreadsheet Experts in New Zealand

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