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Transform Customer and Keyword Intent into Actionable CRM Insights

In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, grasping and leveraging customer and keyword intent is crucial for maximising ROI and boosting profitability. 

Lumen’s innovative approach is designed to transform these vital insights into actionable intelligence within your CRM system.

This transformation goes beyond mere data interpretation; it enables deeper, more meaningful interactions with your leads and customers. By analysing website user behavior and keywords, our solution converts this information into impactful CRM actions and insights, thereby enhancing your engagement strategy and driving business success

customer intent
customer intent

Lumen’s Keyword Funnel: A Game-Changer in CRM Integration

Narrative Content: Lumen’s Keyword Funnel redefines CRM integration, moving beyond mere data tracking. It represents a paradigm shift, dynamically adapting sales funnels and lead scoring to meet customer preferences.

  • Beyond Basic Data Tracking: Interprets nuances of customer intent.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Combines new intent data with existing CRM information.
  • Real-Time, Data-Driven Adjustments: Adapts strategies as customer needs evolve.
  • Deeper Understanding of Customer Journeys: Offers a personalized perspective on each customer’s path.

Lumen’s Keywords Funnel provides nuanced insights for real-time, strategic adjustments. It’s not just about understanding customer journeys as static; it’s about adapting to their dynamic nature.

  • Agile Responses to Market Changes: Quickly respond to shifts in customer intent.
  • Comprehensive Customer Behavior View: Gain a holistic understanding of customer preferences.
  • Targeted Business Decisions: Use insights for impactful, customer-centric strategies.
customer intent

With Lumen’s Keyword Funnel, your approach to CRM and customer data becomes a strategic partnership in driving customer-focused growth and success.

“Ready to transform your B2B strategy? Contact Lumen to revolutionise your business with our solutions.”

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