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Transform Your Business with Comprehensive CRM Solutions by Lumen

Our working process

Powerful CRM in four steps


Our experienced team will investigate your business’s requirements and see what is needed to help your business thrive.


Our experts can implement your Zoho system in a few days. This quick install time is one of the main advantages of Zoho CRM.


Zoho CRM was built to connect with the numerous apps your business uses every day. Our team can link Zoho CRM with your favourite apps.

Training & support

Our trainer will equip your team with the essential skills to maximize Zoho's potential, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Core Services and Expertise

Premier CRM Consulting and Implementation Services

Lumen leads in CRM consulting and implementation. We align your CRM with your business, boosting efficiency and customer relationships from the start. Our approach, spearheaded by Ilan Gross, incorporates advanced strategies like SPIN, Gap Analysis, and Challenger Selling, ensuring a seamless fit and strategic advantage.

Data Management and Automation Excellence

We redefine data management with automation. Our CRM solutions, powered by the latest AI technologies, make data actionable and accessible, cutting manual tasks and freeing your team for strategic growth. This includes leveraging AI for automatic newsletter creation and keyword funnel optimisation.

CRM Consulting & Automation Experts CRM Implementation & Strategy New Zealand
CRM Consulting & Automation Experts CRM Implementation & Strategy New Zealand

Specialised CRM Services

Tailored CRM Consulting for Strategic Growth

Delving into your strategy, we offer CRM advice to enhance customer engagement, sales, and growth. Under Ilan Gross’s guidance, we integrate B2B content strategies and scale up sales teams, with a focus on business forecasting and corporate culture development.

Seamless CRM Implementation and Customisation

We customise your CRM to fit your business needs, enhancing functionality for success. This encompasses CRM strategy, CRM Strategy for Account Management, and bidding decision matrix integration, ensuring that your CRM serves as a powerful tool for strategic decision-making.

Advanced Business Process Automation & Integration

Our CRM automates operations, streamlining sales to customer service for a unified business. This includes integrating ChatGPT with your help desk for enhanced customer service and employing AI applications for smarter business processes.

Custom: SaaS software, Mobile App Development & API Integrations

Our custom apps and API integrations, developed under the pioneering vision of Ilan Gross, link your CRM to essential business apps for real-time data access, fostering a truly interconnected digital ecosystem.

CRM Consulting & Automation Experts CRM Implementation & Strategy New Zealand
CRM Consulting & Automation Experts CRM Implementation & Strategy New Zealand

Why Lumen Stands Apart

Unique Advantages of Partnering with Lumen

Choosing Lumen means more than solutions; it means a partnership for success. Our mix of expertise, led by Ilan Gross, industry insight, and client support sets us apart, driving technological advancement and strategic innovation.

Lumen’s Value Proposition

Our CRM solutions are tailored, meeting your industry’s unique needs and amplifying your business impact. With Ilan Gross at the helm, we bring a visionary approach to CRM systems, integrating cutting-edge sales methodologies and AI developments.

Tailored Solutions for Every Business Size

Lumen’s scalable CRM solutions grow with you, meeting evolving challenges and goals. From email validation marketing automation to comprehensive CRM coaching, we provide solutions that scale with your business.

Comprehensive Support and On-demand Training

We offer ongoing support and training, empowering your team to leverage the CRM system fully. This includes access to our essential guide to CRM excellence and on-demand training sessions led by CRM experts.

Digital and E-commerce Solutions Integrated with CRM

Our CRM integrations enhance your digital presence, enabling personalised experiences that boost loyalty. This strategic integration supports your e-commerce strategy, driving sales and customer satisfaction.

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CRM Consulting & Automation Experts CRM Implementation & Strategy New Zealand

Engaging and Informative Resources

Resources for Maximizing Your CRM Investment

Lumen provides resources, guides, and success stories to help you maximize your CRM investment. This includes insights from Ilan Gross, showcasing how strategic CRM integration can transform business operations.

The Essential Guide to CRM Excellence

Our guide offers strategies and insights for harnessing your CRM’s full potential. Compiled with contributions from Ilan Gross, it serves as a roadmap to CRM strategy and automation success.

CRM Success Stories: Learn from Our Clients

Discover businesses that have transformed with Lumen’s CRM strategies, achieving growth and efficiency. These success stories highlight the revolutionary impact of our advanced CRM strategies and Ilan Gross’s expertise.

Getting Started with Lumen

Connect with Our CRM Experts

Start your CRM success story with Lumen. We guide you from consultation to achieving your business goals, with Ilan Gross’s visionary leadership ensuring your CRM strategy is not just implemented but transformed.

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Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and how we can elevate your business. Experience firsthand the strategic advantage that Ilan Gross and Lumen Business Solutions bring to the table.

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CRM consulting involves professional services that help businesses implement and optimize their customer relationship management (CRM) strategies to improve customer engagement and drive growth.

Look for consultants with proven experience in your industry, a strong track record of successful CRM implementations, and the ability to understand and align with your business goals.

Absolutely. CRM consulting can provide tailor-made solutions that fit the unique needs and budgets of small businesses, helping them to compete more effectively in their markets.

The cost of CRM consulting varies widely depending on the scope of the project, the size of the business, and the complexity of the CRM system being implemented.

The time frame for CRM implementation can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the project and the readiness of the business.

Step 1: Assessment

Before diving into CRM implementation, Lumen conducts a thorough assessment to ensure every step is aligned with your unique business needs. We focus on understanding your goals, workflows, and customer journey, laying the groundwork for a CRM solution that not only fits seamlessly into your operations but also enhances them. With Lumen, you start your CRM journey on solid ground, equipped with the insights and strategy to drive success and customer satisfaction from day one

Zoho CRM analytics
Zoho CRM Certified Expert Consultant

Step 2: CRM Implementation

Our CRM implementation is all about making your workday smoother and your customer interactions more impactful. We tailor your CRM to fit like a glove around your business processes, turning every task into an opportunity for growth and every customer touchpoint into a moment of satisfaction. Dive into a seamless CRM experience with Lumen, where every feature is a step towards achieving your goals with ease and efficiency

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Step 3: CRM Integration

Lumen’s CRM integration process seamlessly connects your CRM with your existing systems, ensuring a unified workflow that enhances efficiency and data coherence. We specialise in creating smooth pathways for your information to flow, enabling better decision-making and a holistic view of your customer interactions. With Lumen, CRM integration is more than technical work; it’s about crafting a cohesive ecosystem where your business tools work in harmony, propelling your operations towards streamlined success and enriched customer experiences.

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Zoho CRM integrations
Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business

Step 4: CRM Training & Support

Lumen’s approach to training & support goes beyond mere instruction; it’s about empowering your team with the confidence and competence to leverage your CRM to its fullest potential. Our personalised training sessions are designed to match your team’s pace and learning style, ensuring that everyone, from tech novices to savvy users, gains valuable skills. And our support doesn’t end with training. Lumen offers ongoing assistance to address any challenges, ensuring that your journey with CRM is smooth and that your team is always equipped to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With Lumen, you’re never alone; you have a partner committed to your continuous growth and success.

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