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AWS Partner

Lumen is an endorsed Amazon Partner (APN) for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon now has a wide variety of extremely high quality services that can be extremely beneficial to many businesses nowadays. One that we especially love, is Amazon Connect.  We are able to help customers implement, manage, integrate and deploy amazon web services for your whatever your business needs are with Amazon. We are also able to seamlessly integrate AWS into the software your business currently uses into one cohesive, product software solution for you. 

Amazon Chatbot

We are able to seamlessly integrate Amazon Lex which is Amazon’s intelligent chatbot, which allows voice and text to ask questions and give answers to customers, and also complete sophisticated tasks that are required. Amazon Polly which is Amazon’s service that turns text into lifelike speech that allows us to create applications that talk and build speech-enabled products for you and your customers that sound like a human voice that is able to communicate and understand many different languages and accents for all of your customers.

How it works

So the way in which it works is a customer goes to the PABX, and Amazon Lex (with polly answering) will be able to determine the big 4 operations of customer calls quickly and intelligently with a premium on customer care. 

The four operations are Context, Entity, Intent and Dialogue. Once these are intelligently determined it can quickly either deal with the customers issue without human interaction with extreme precision, or quickly determine that the customer needs unique human involvement and it can then intelligently asses that individual and give that customer a unique human feel by delivering them to their case manager or the person they spoke to previously. It is also able to determine urgency and seriousness of an issue which will give your customers unprecedented customer service and satisfaction, for more information on how this works read here.

Difficulties with AWS

One of the challenges that almost all businesses face with AWS is integrating them with your current software systems, like your CRM, accounting software and any other product your business uses. They can be difficult to understand exactly how to both integrate with your current software systems and also how to maximize the potential for your business that these products can offer. Lumen is able to help you in both cases at a standard unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

Why Lumen?

Lumen is able to utilise IntegromatAwareIM and Zoho Flow, whichever is the most appropriate for your solution to develop and create a customized solution that will exactly fit your business needs and seamlessly integrate the power of AWS and supercharge your business.

Lumen is one of the few software companies that has the technical knowledge in-house unlike our competitors that mainly outsource work and charge their customers a premium on the work. We are able to do everything ourselves and save you the difference! Giving our customers much better quality of work as we are able to control the development ourselves. Delivering outcomes faster and cheaper for our customers.

Lumen is able to help you with even the most difficult and complex services Amazon offers to help whatever your business may require.


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