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Startup Solutions

Startup Solutions

We're a business that helps you build your business

We offer a wide range of services that help startups get moving and keep moving. Our software solutions were designed with start ups in mind and can help with everything from running validated learning experiments to demonstrating the viability of your business model to investors.   Your business can scale with the confidence that its software systems can scale with it.

Business Model Optimisation

With our tools you can zero in on your hard and soft systems - giving you the visibilty needed to drive greater performance.

All-in-one ecosystems

With our tools you can zero in on your hard and soft systems - giving you the visibilty needed to drive greater performance.

Sales with CRM

We can help you set up a CRM that helps you refine and optimize your entire sales process.

Intelligent Automation

Make the most of your human resources by automating elements of your business process.

Tools for Validated Learning

A startup's main task is to learn; more specifically, to engage in learning that is scientifically validated. We provide the tools to get this done.

Innovation Accounting

Avoid misleading vanity metrics and set up financial systems that shine light on the numbers that truly matter.

Map and manage your business model

Part of running a successful start up is working to constantly understand and improve on your business process.  Startups, more than any other type of business, must urgently prioritize customer service and their fulfillment process if they hope to grow.  To be able to do this startups need to be able to ‘see’ their business model.  We can help you implement an economical software solution that enables you to hone your entire business process.

All-in-one Business Operating Systems for startups

A common problem for startups is that they have to constantly manage multiple disconnected apps every day.  Sales, marketing, social-media, accounting: multiple apps for each area, all made by different companies. 

We solve this problem by building unified software ecosystems so that entrepreneurs can focus on what they do best: solving people’s problems.

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CRM tailored to startups

A powerful yet lean CRM is essential for every startup.  The CRM has to be powerful, nimble,  have broad functionality, and must e economical enough to not break the bank.  We have 20 years of experience in building CRM systems for rapidly growing companies – let us build yours.

Use Intelligent Automation to free-up your people

Automation is rapidly changing the face of business.  It is almost a certainty that your start up will be currently competing with a company who uses automation – and if not now, very soon in the future.  We can help you use Intelligent Automation to streamline your business process by automating manual tasks, giving your people more time to ‘get out of the building’.


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Use the accounting of innovation

Innovation Account represents a massive opportunities for business to re frame the way they approach their books. One of the reasons most companies struggle with innovation is because they too heavily rely on vanity metrics – metrics that are ambiguous, easily manipulated, and have little relationship with the numbers that are relevant to growth. Our team can help you develop dashboards that show you your real time position of your leading indicators, such as: per customer revenue, conversion rates, retention rates, referral rates etc.

Validated Learning everywhere you go

Validated Learning is the key discipline of a start up.  In conditions of extreme uncertainty, a startup must build features/products, establish the relevant metrics to test them, run the test, gather the data, and then make sent of that data. We can help you set up a custom software suite; one that is purpose built to help you build, measure, and learn.


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