How Lumen helps Mortgage Brokers

Zoho CRM is a convenient tool to help Mortgage Brokers work more efficiently and effectively.  This increased productivity will help you spend less time on admin and more time on your prospect – doing what is needed to bring a deal over the line.

In today’s competitive Mortgage industry – it is the salespeople who have the knowledge to understand their customers that will provide the best service.

In addition to this, the Mortgage Broker that has effective systems in place to take care of customer relationship management will have a clear advantage over those who are without one.

How Zoho CRM helps Mortgage Brokers

Capture crucial contact and financial information 

Zoho CRM can handle all of your customer information and organize it in the way that is most helpful to you. Customer segments can be created to help give order and meaning to large customer contact lists.

All of your customers financial records can be held in Zoho CRM allowing you to automatically generate a loan application form for the lender.

Automatic alerts can be set to ensure you have all the relevant financial information you need – this allows you to keep the pace going with multiple deals happening at once.

Step by step processes can be set up to help guide complex multi-step processes, helping you to always follow best practice.

A single place for all your records

Zoho CRM handles everything  from emails, phone calls, meeting, tasks, incident, opportunities quotes, invoices, expanses, customer issues to documentation.  This breadth of functionality is a big part of how Zoho CRM streamlines complex, multi-step, multi-client services like Mortgage Brokering. 

PBX and mobile phone integration. 

Zoho CRM can journal all your calls using the call ID. Combining this with full mobile integration – businesspeople such as Mortgage Brokers who deal with high volumes of calls, often when they are out and about can really benefit from Zoho CRM’s mobile and call features.

Effective Customer Relations Management

Zoho CRM is equipped with e-mail functionality as well as mass mailing features. We have taken these features a step further and created email alerts that can be triggered at a scheduled event or any time of event.

This has many uses for Mortgage Brokers. Imagine your client getting a reminder about their term expiration well in advance or getting weekly updates on current rate.

These features allow you to stay connected with your customers in an efficient and relevant way – helping you get closer to getting the sale over the line.

Dashboards: the big picture at a glance.

 Zoho CRM lets you customize your dashboard to give you an overview of each important area. This could include deals, prospects, loan applications with their stages highlighted.  All of this helps you keep abreast on all the most important things happening at any one time.

Custom business workflow

We can develop a tailor made business workflow to ensure you have what you need to run at optimal speed – all while reducing mistakes. Workflows can also be configured to allow highly collaborative work to take place.

Lumen custom workflows provide end-to-end support. They will take guide your work from the moment you meet a potential customer, right up to the time deals are signed and money is loaned.

Another key advantage of workflows is that as your business grows, the workflow systems can be easily scaled to meet your growing demands.  

Automatically produce your most documents using automated document templates

We also can develop automated document generators that dramatic increase the speed agreements can be generated and sent.

This service is ideal for Mortgage Brokers as it allows fast creation of documents like loan applications and other legal documents.

This speed will help you get agreements in fount of customers, banks, and lenders at the right time.

The automated templates also help minimizing errors in creating complex legal agreements.

Once the template system has been set up correctly,  you can have faith that the right agreements will be in front of the right people.

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Lumen and Mortgage Brokers 

Having the right software is only part of the solution. To get the most out of any software solution something else needs to happen – the system must be set up correctly – in a way that is tailored to the users needs.

We are unique in that we provide  CRM software, set up, strategy, and training.

By working together we combine the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ to ensure the software achieves your business objectives. 

With a proven track record of successful CRM implementations you can be assured you will receive a sound strategy, seamless implementation, and software that fits your business’s needs.

If you are interested in finding out how your we can help Mortgage Brokers of all shapes – contact us anytime for a free consultation.

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