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Email marketing software to reach and grow your audience

Engage with customers with Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns helps you to build, send, and monitor email campaigns that help you stay connected with your customers, and keep them engaged with your business.  This connection with your customers will ultimately help you to sell.

All this is done with Zoho Campaigns easy to use, mobile friendly, often automated, features.  Instead of email campaigns being a boring and repetitive task, Zoho Campaigns allows you to spend your time doing what matters most, and that is nailing the message.

There are a wide range of email templates that can be easily customized to suit your company’s brand, making the email design process pain free.

With Zoho Campaigns you are able to craft email campaigns that are high performance.

Much of this is due to the advanced campaign tracking and reporting features.  Every campaign you run will be tracked along a variety of actions:  opens, click through rate, unsubscribes, bounces, engagement, geolocation etc.  This means there is little guess work involved with analyzing how an email campaign went.  All of this means you can gain valuable feedback to make your future campaigns performed even better.

Zoho Campaigns also has an A/B testing feature. Using this feature, your business can compare two emails against each other, seeing what performs better, and using that knowledge to further optimize your email campaigns.

One of the key benefits of Zoho Campaigns © is in the way it allows you manage your mailing lists.  Your contacts can be segmented into useful groups using a range of specific criteria.  Contacts can also be synched with your Zoho CRM.  Zoho Campaigns also automatically regroups your contacts

 Automation is another of Zoho Campaigns strengths.  With Email Marketing Automation, you are able to continue engagement with leads based on their responses to your email.  This means that Zoho Campaigns will follow up with personalized and relevant content.  This feature allows you to construct sophisticated, multi-step campaigns and let Zoho run them seamlessly.

One of the biggest benefits of Zoho Campaigns is they way it helps you to nurture your leads and prospects.  The reporting in Zoho Campaigns tracks your contacts behavior, this allows sales people to make sure leads get get information that may persuade them to buy at the right time in the sales cycle.

If you are interested in Zoho Campaigns product and would like to know more about the pricing or how your business may benefit, contact us.

To learn more about how best to use Zoho Campaigns contact us.  We are certified Zoho CRM Consultants as well as Certified Zoho CRM resellers,  and have the expertise to help your Zoho Campaigns and  (more importantly) your business perform better.

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