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Your online security starts with a password manager

Nearly every business noways has dozens, if not hundreds of passwords to manage – from them email account, to accounting software, to online banking – not to mention the multiple social media accounts and software tools they use.  Because Each of these accounts require a username and password many businesses have a difficult time keeping and tracking these passwords.

Zoho Vault provides a solution to this problem. Zoho Vault is an online password manager for businesses.  It stores passwords for your multiple accounts – allowing you to be done with your insecure spreadsheets or pieces of paper stuck to the wall.  Most importantly, Zoho Vault stores these passwords in a secure way – giving you peace of mind that your businesses accounts are as safes as possible.

Because usually multiple people in a business need to access various passwords,  Zoho Vault makes sharing these passwords easy.  Team members can be provided access to Zoho Vault based of a privileges that only allow them to access groups of passwords they need.  There is also the option of sharing passwords without showing the plain text versions of them . Because passwords and secrets are sorted into chambers, whole groups of secrets can be shared to relevant groups.  For example, a chamber holding all the secrets for the company’s sales process can be shared instantly to the members of the sales group.  As members are added and deleted from groups, they will automatically be granted access to the secrets open to that group.

One of the most powerful features of Zoho Vault is direct login.  By using direct login, team members will not need to manually input passwords into websites and applications – Zoho Vault will do it for them automatically.  This smooth auto-login process is a valuable security features as it means that members who have access to secret chambers will never actually be able to know what those passwords are – even though they can use them.

 Rigorous ownership and roles control is another great feature of Zoho Vault.  Ownership of passwords is clear cut and roles can be customized precisely.  In the event of someone leaving an organization an admin can transfer the secretes owned by that person to another administrator.  Zoho Vault also provides additional security for enterprise secretes – meaning that secretes can remain secure even if someone with access to secrets leaves the organization on bad terms.

Zoho Vault also has a variety of related tools that will make security an easier task for your business. Zoho Vault’s password generator will generate strong, unique, passwords for you to use on any account. Zoho Vault also has powerful search and access features meaning finding you passwords is a breeze.

Perhaps the strongest feature of Zoho Vault is the high level of security it provides.  Zoho Vault uses the strongest known encryption standard: AES-256.  This standard is approved by the US Government and also tracks activities through audit trails, controls all user access and allows you to see who has accessed what, and when.  You can configure settings to receive notifications when someone accesses passwords, or resets them or changes them in any way. You can also set expiry dates for passwords for even greater security.  Zoho Vault even protects companies from shoulder surfing by only displaying passwords in a masked form in the interface – only showing the plain text for 10 seconds.

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