Websites with
sales superpowers

Most businesses massively underutilize their website. Too many websites are static digital brochures, and not the dynamic sales machines they can be. Our multi-disciplinary team can turn your website into a powerful online selling tool. 

Why choose a High Performance Website

Unlock your business’s potential by implementing Zoho CRM. As Zoho CRM Certified consultants we have the experience to get you moving in no time at all. We also offer integrations, training, and support.

Web architects vs web developers

Machine vs brochure

  • High Performance
  • Standard
High PerformanceStandard
Active sales tool website
Static 'brochure' website
Basic information
Standard calls to action
Basic SEO
Multi-channel funnel
A/B performance testing
3D sales SEO
Website sales architecture
Real time live-chat
Individual conversion tracking

Drive visitors to your site

Getting your website hitting the hot-spots

When it comes to generating traffic, the focus should be on quality not quantity. Lots of companies can help drive visitors to your website, but because of our multi-dimensional approach, we can help you focus on the visitors that end up buying your product or service.

Dashboard of website activity

Identify visitors

Guide and track visitor's movement

Lead scoring and other insights

Reach out with personalized messages


Connect with customers from your mobile

Track your key metrics

Create targets and goals to follow you you track with key website performance objectives. Track these targets across multiple platforms and web pages. This lets you track all of your conversions in real time. With this you can work out how each of your pages perform and why.

Record real user session activity

Find out how every single user uses your website. Record an play back actual visitor sessions to see what what their pain points are and how to solve them.

Multiple heatmaps

Multiple heatmaps help you see how visitors actually interact with your website. Learn what captures their attention and what is unnecessary. Find out what user’s click and scroll behaviour is in detail – across multiple platforms.

A/B test pages to boost performance

Test potential changes by getting a prospective new page to compete with an existing one. By doing this you can make an informed decision about which web page to go with.

Follow up online activity with Intelligent Automation

Zoho CRM Certified Expert Consultant

Connect your website with your CRM

An online sales machine

By following the above steps you can turn your website into the centerpiece of your client-facing sales tools. With dozens of apps to chose from, you can enable your website to be truly high performance.


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