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Scale Your Lead Generation​

Enhance your lead acquisition strategies with advanced data analytics and targeted campaigns.​

Scale Your Sales Pipeline​​

Increase your sales efficiency with our expert sales training and pipeline management solutions.​

Scale your Account Management

Maximise customer value with expert account management strategies and solutions.

Scale Your Products and Services

Expand your product lines and enhance your service offerings with our innovation-driven approach.

Scale Your Competitive Edge​​

Expand your strategy with business intelligence to increase productivity and your company’s competitive advantage.​

Scale Your Automation​​

Implement high-efficiency automation tools to streamline operations and reduce costs.​

Lumen Business: 12 years of tech leadership, revolutionising performance through innovation. Our solutions simplify complexity, propelling your business forward.

Here's What Makes Lumen Different

Lumen Business Solutions is a multidisciplinary software agency with over 25 years of experience crafting tailored software solutions for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Innovation: We develop innovative solutions to complex problems and share our innovative processes.
  • Technical Excellence: Leveraging the latest technologies and solutions to drive success.
  • Expertise: Combining broad business and technical expertise for effective, tailored solutions.
  • New Zealand Owned: Enjoy personalised attention with no outsourcing, ensuring a dedicated local touch.
  • Rapid Development: Fast, efficient, and reliable delivery of solutions to keep you ahead of the curve.

Lumen Fusion: Uncovering the ‘Why’ Behind the ‘What

Unlock Business Growth with Lumen Fusion, a new type of CRM Implementation: 

Our expert CRM implementation scales and enhances your business in six key areas:

  1. Lead Generation: Drive qualified leads and boost your sales pipeline.
  2. Sales Pipeline: Optimise sales processes and convert leads into customers.
  3. Account Management: Retention and revenue growth through personalized customer care.
  4. Products & Services: Adapt and improve your offerings to meet evolving customer needs.
  5. Competitive Edge: Gain valuable insights into competitors and stay ahead in the market.
  6. AI Automation: Automate tasks with AI and streamline your business operations.

We do it all

From Small Business to Enterprise, we can offer solutions that best fit you.

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Startup solutions

Lumen propels startups with agile, cost-effective software solutions designed for rapid iteration and validated learning. Accelerate your path to market leadership through innovation.

Small-medium business solutions

In 2024, Lumen transforms SMB operations with AI-powered, secure, and seamlessly integrated software solutions. Elevate efficiency and drive economic growth, setting a new pace in your industry


Enterprise solutions

Lumen's AI solutions and automation boost your efficiency and innovation. Our solutions ensure easy integration and compliance, tailored to your unique business needs. Stay ahead with Lumen's secure, customisable AI.


Take the Next Step with Lumen Business Solutions​

Don’t settle for less – partner with Lumen Business Solutions for an experience that drives your business forward.

Here's why businesses love to work with us

Arjen Bloem - Business Coach @ Successful Ventures
Arjen Bloem - Business Coach @ Successful VenturesAuckland, New Zealand
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Ilan from Lumen business has worked passionately to understand and implement CRM. He is an expert helped us think, create, challenge, improve and implement not only CRM but also business and sales processes. Ilan really knows his stuff!
Jonathan Marshall - Founder @ Bondi Labs
Jonathan Marshall - Founder @ Bondi LabsMelbourne, Australia
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Ilan has one of the sharpest business minds I have ever come across (including many years working in corporate strategy for GE). He was able to very quickly identify what my core issues were and address them with a simple and effective solution which delivered immediate results.
Dean Cates - Chief Commercial Officer at Fastcom
Dean Cates - Chief Commercial Officer at Fastcom Auckland, New Zealand
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Ilan Has ben great throughout the implementation process both guiding & suggesting ideas to us. He has delivered us a practical solution without any drama or issues.
Kirsten Taylor - Founder @ SleepDrops
Kirsten Taylor - Founder @ SleepDropsAuckland, New Zealand
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WOW! Ilan is a genius. His understanding of how to programme the ZOHO CRM system to ensure it caters perfectly to my companies needs is remarkable. He doesn't just do the "job" but thinks critically and laterally so that future potential and development is not stifled by mediocrity now.
Andrew Koleda - Property Strategist
Andrew Koleda - Property StrategistSydney, Australia
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Ilan and his team were the first and only to listen to what we wanted and not simply say “Yes we can do that” but ask “Why do you want to do it this way?” and this attitude which proved to be consistent told us that we were dealing with a business consultant not an CRM IT guru which is what we thought we wanted.
Andrew Graham - GM @ Student Horizons
Andrew Graham - GM @ Student HorizonsBrisbane, Australia
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Ilan’s unorthodox “no nonsense” approach is exactly what you need in setting up a CRM system. Through questioning and discussion, he is able to get a full understanding of the business and the processes that are currently in place, and is therefore able to suggest ways of improvement.

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Take the Next Step with Lumen Business Solutions​

Don’t settle for less – partner with Lumen Business Solutions for an experience that drives your business forward.