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In today’s highly competitive business landscape, marketing intelligence is a critical component of developing effective pricing strategies. At our marketing intelligence services, we help companies navigate these challenges by providing comprehensive pricing comparison services that enable them to stay ahead of the competition.

Our team of experienced consultants work closely with clients to identify key competitors, gather pricing information, and analyse the data to uncover trends, patterns, and opportunities. By comparing prices with those of competitors, we help companies determine whether they are charging too much or too little and develop pricing strategies that are both competitive and profitable.

We also provide a range of additional services that help businesses develop effective marketing strategies and stay ahead of the competition. Our services include defining company goals and mission, developing strategies and business plans, creating operational roadmaps, conducting ongoing strategic consulting, managing projects, identifying key performance indicators, and conducting market research and analysis to provide valuable marketing intelligence.

Our comprehensive approach and deep industry knowledge allow us to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of our clients, which include private and public companies, government entities, public utilities, start-ups, banks, and financial institutions.

At our marketing intelligence services, we are committed to helping businesses thrive in today’s competitive environment by providing the insights and guidance they need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

The steps to set up a process for providing comprehensive pricing comparison services:

1)Identify Key Competitors: The first step is to identify the key competitors in the market. This can be done by conducting market research and analysing industry trends to determine who the major players are.

2) Gathering pricing information is a critical step in the process of providing comprehensive pricing comparison services. Once competitors have been identified, it is important to collect data on their pricing strategies for products or services, promotions, promotions cycle, discounts and discounts cycle. This data is typically collected on a daily basis to ensure that it remains up to date and accurate.

However, simply collecting data on competitors’ pricing strategies may not be enough. It is important to also consider other factors that may impact pricing, such as weather events, sport events, holidays, geography, and proximity to competitors. For example, if a company operates in an area that is prone to extreme weather events, this may impact their pricing strategy. Similarly, if a company is located in close proximity to a major competitor, analysing the data need to reflect the close proximity.

By collecting and analysing data on these factors, companies can develop a more comprehensive understanding of the market and make more informed pricing decisions. This can help them to stay ahead of the competition by developing pricing strategies that are competitive and profitable. The data collected in this step is typically used in conjunction with other data sets to provide a more complete picture of the market and competitors.

3)Analysing the Data: Once the pricing information has been gathered, it is important to analyse the data to uncover trends, patterns, and opportunities. This step involves using various analytical tools and techniques to identify key insights and make data-driven decisions. the data can be placed in your BI and/or AI tools. or it can be presented in our preferred BI and AI tools, like Zoho Analytics.

One of the key benefits of analyse pricing data is the ability to identify new products or services that competitors are adding. By tracking changes in pricing for existing products, companies can detect when competitors introduce new products or services to the market. This information can be used to inform strategic decisions such as whether to launch a similar product or service, adjust pricing on existing products, or develop a new pricing strategy.

Similarly, analyse pricing data can reveal patterns around special bundle offerings or promotions that competitors are using to attract customers. This information can be used to inform decisions around developing promotional campaigns or adjusting pricing strategies to remain competitive.

In addition to uncovering trends and patterns, analyse pricing data can also help companies identify key decision-making movements among competitors. For example, if a competitor raises their prices on a particular product, this may indicate that they are experiencing supply chain issues or that demand for the product is increasing. Understanding these types of movements can help companies stay ahead of the competition by adapting their own pricing strategies accordingly.

Overall, analyse pricing data is a critical step in the process of providing comprehensive pricing comparison services. By uncovering key insights and trends, companies can make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Our experience has shown that this step is particularly valuable in identifying new products, analyse bundle offerings, and understanding key decision-making movements among competitors

Additional Options

Determine the Optimal Pricing: Based on the data analysis, determine the optimal pricing strategy for the company. This includes identifying whether the company is charging too much or too little and developing a pricing strategy that is both competitive and profitable.

Implement the Pricing Strategy: Once the optimal pricing strategy has been developed, it needs to be implemented. This can involve changing prices, promotions, and discounts, and communicating the new pricing strategy to customers and stakeholders.

Monitor and Evaluate: After the new pricing strategy has been implemented, it is important to monitor and evaluate its effectiveness. This can be done by measuring key performance indicators and analysing customer feedback. You can read more about product R&D and technology scouting.

Adjust the Strategy: Based on the monitoring and evaluation results, adjustments may need to be made to the pricing strategy to ensure that it remains competitive and profitable.

Key staff movement: is a service focused on keeping businesses informed about key staff movements within their competitors and customers. This service is designed to help businesses identify new opportunities for growth and expansion, and to stay ahead of the competition.

By staying informed about these movements, businesses can be proactive in reaching out to new contacts and building relationships with key decision-makers. Lumen can help businesses stay ahead of the competition, identify new growth opportunities, and ensure that they are always aware of the latest trends and developments in their industry.

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