Zoho Motivator

High performing teams with Zoho Motivator

Zoho Motivator © is a tool to help sales teams improve performance by developing a culture of friendly competition.  Zoho Motivator © achieves this be running sales contests that help encourage desired behavior in sales people, accelerate overall sales, and reward you highest achievers.

With Zoho Motivator’s dashboards you get an immediate snapshot of how your teams are performing.  Having all your central sales metrics in one, easy to understand page makes keeping in touch with how sales are tracking a breeze.

The dashboards that Zoho Motivator © provides are highly customization.  Zoho Motivator © lets you create custom KPI that accurately highlight your business goals and track them through the Zoho Motivator © dashboard.  The dashboard itself if fully customization, allowing you to pick out and docus on the metrics that you are most interested in. You are also able to create multiple dashboards to provide you a number of insight options.

For many people, large amounts of data can be disorientating and meaningless. Zoho Motivator © gives you a range t tools to see the insights behind the numbers.   Trend charts, breakdown charts, and pipline insights are just some of the areas that Zoho Motivator © breaks down for you.  One of the most interesting insights is pipeline velocity. With this feature, Zoho Motivator © highlights how quickly opportunists are being converted to closed deals. These calculations are based on metrics such as win rates an ideal size. All of this data is presented in a

One of Zoho Motivator’s strongest aspects is the way it takes high level organizational goals and distills them into concrete, personalized benchmarks.  A variety of targets can be created for your team, assigned to certain members, or the team  as awhole.  These goals can then be traced in real time and compared with other team members.  All of this increases healthy competition and a sense of personal accountability for individuals in ateam.

Zoho Motivator © encourages healthy competition and a game-like sense of fun to day-to-day sales activities. With just a few clicks of your mouse, contests can be created along a number of metrics.  Once these contests are created, leader boards tract and update themselves to keep contestants up to date with performance. Prizes can be attached to goals being achieved of to winners of competition – further bringing out your team’s competitive spirit.

All of Zoho Motivator’s features are brought together with Motivator TV – a channel that Zoho Motivator © creates that streams leader boards, contest standings, and trends to a TV screen of your choce.  Announcements, rewards, updates, can all be displayed through Motivator TV making it a news hub of your office and a source of excitement and pride for your business. Perhaps the biggest benefit of Motivator TV is that it helps bring life to your workplace and ad a dash of excitement to the daily lives of your sales team.

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