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PrintIQ to Zoho CRM extension

Lumen offers a powerful PrintIQ to Zoho API integration


PrintIQ (PIQ) is a fantastic piece of software that many clients who have printing requirements for their business use as an end-to-end solution for their printing management needs.

Integrating PrintIQ with Zoho product suite provides it’s own set of significantly technical challenges that Lumen Business has developed an API that makes this transition seamless for our customers.

The core of the technical problem’s that integrating PrintIQ with Zoho is that the data from PrintIQ is not in the same format as Zoho which causes problems for both if not integrated properly.

Customers          <->         Account

Contacts              <->         Contact

Invoice                 <->         Invoices

Quote                   <->         Deals

Account Owner   <->       User Module

The API integration requires us to both create and update the modules both ways, from Zoho to PIQ and from PIQ to Zoho. This means there is 4 status’s that require management with 2 way integration for both status’s.

PrintIQ has a unique ID to it’s data and so Zoho cannot link directly to the fields in PIQ, thus the format of the data between the two isn’t ideal. This causes significant problems if not addressed correctly between the two applications.

There is an issue of there being inconsistent language between the two platforms, which can cause problems when doing this integration if not addressed correctly.

There is also an issue because of the unique id system by PrintIQ data, maintaining field values between the two pieces of software becomes challenging if not done exactly correct and will cause significant problems for customers as this can lead to significant data loss.

We also do not need all fields to be linked from PIQ to Zoho, only specific fields are required – this can be tailored to each individual customer

PIQ delivers the data as one block instead of in each field, this requires us to validate data. Thus we have to validate the data coming through both ways and it is not straight forward to do so. As this is not a 1 to 1 mapping process because of how the data is structured. The table format of data in Zoho requires us to split the data to fit the fields in Zoho. This is a challenging process to get correct.

The quote processing and maintaingin from PrintIQ has it’s own unique set of challenges. The person who creates a quote in PIQ is not necessarily the “deal” owner in Zoho. You need the person who is the owner of the account needs to be the owner of the quote in Zoho. You also want the account owner to be the owner of Zoho deal. This is crucial to getting the two applications to merge harmoniously around the quote and invoice management system.

Because accounting software like Xero have restrictions of not allowing more than 2 private API’s, this makes it much more convenient for customers to integrate PrintIQ with Zoho instead of accounting systems like Xero. That way if they have integrated Zoho with Xero or other accounting software with private API restrictions this saves an integration slot for businesses.

Lumen’s PrintIQ to Zoho API integration has seamlessly and successfully addressed all these issues flawlessly for it’s customers that utilize PrintIQ. If you or your customers require PrintIQ integration this is the API for you to use.


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