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SQream DB delivers a major technology boost, analysing hundred of terabytes of data in real-time, by harnessing the power of thousands of parallel processing cores in a cost-effective GPU

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Lumen is a certified distributor and reseller of SQream in New Zealand, and Australia

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Move your company forward with your data

Use the tools you know

With no code to deploy and no dataframes, anyone with SQL experience can access data as needed. No code to deploy, no dataframes to wrangle. Just SQL.

Ease of Use

With standardised SQL, ther eis little-to-no rewriting of SQL queries. SQReam DB connects easily to your existing ecosystem
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GPU Architecture

SQream has patented technology that uses a GPU card as a massible parallel processor tailored to process complex SQL queries

Combining CPU / GPU

SQream DB makes the most of what resources the host system offers, both CPU and GPU
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Scale to petabytes

SQream DB scales to any size of data. It can handle reports, ad-hoc queries and data exploration.

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Superior Cost Performance

SQReam DB is a future-proof big data solution, espeically in the multi-terabyte range

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Complex Analytics

Key features include ANSI SQL compatibility and ACID compliance

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Lumen is ready to discuss your needs in more detail
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Built in Logging

Enablying your IT and security teams to see insights, from failed login to GPU/CPU time spent per query

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Lumen is ready to discuss your needs in more detail
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Crunchbase names SQream Top Startup to Watch (June 2020)

lower cost of ownership

The power of a full-rack database machine is condensed into a standard 2U server

Available to be implemented on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid combination

Integrate with anything

SQReam DB connets with any tool via ODBC, JDBC and a variety of APIs

Query raw data directly

SQream DB provides organisations with complete answers, quickly.  

deploy anywhere
accelerate queries
extend your BI
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SQream DB is an enterprise-ready, fully-featured data warehouse for analytics.  It runs on your standard Linux hardware so easily monitored and provisioned

Enterprise Features

Object-level permissions

Roles and object control all the way down to per-table authentication

Scaling out and up

Algorithms allow scaling linearly with the size of the data.  You may use any network storage like NAS or SAN

Scaling Out

Plug in addtional GPU cards instead of replacing the entire server.  Up to 40 per machine in high-occupancy chassis are avaiable

automatic Tuning

SQReam DB does not require a team of administrators to finesse processes.  It was designed for modern workloads and huge datasets

Load, store and analyse data up to 100x faster than any other data warehouse

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