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Intelligent automation solution to monitor daily spot price changes in electricity costs 


A unique energy management system for businesses with power costs $250,000 per year and above



The New Zealand energy market fluctuates daily.

BrightFuse is designed to provide critical indicators for industrial, manufacturing, agricultural and all industries.

It indicates the best time to refresh  contracts or go to tender to achieve maximum savings.



Our platform finds the best time to purchase electricity when it is most affordable.  

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements.

BrightFuse is a platform for procurement managers to analyse fluctuations in the electricity market

New Zealand Owned

Our experience in the NZ energy market provides a unique perspective on how to leverage infrastructure

Line Capacity

Annual line capacity changes are also negoatiated across your entire operation 


We take into consideration client who wish to be socially responsible and use renewable energy sources.

Single Point of Truth

Collecting and organising meaningful data on energy costs into actionable information on an intuitive web interface.


Focused on Energy Management

We understand the interplay between energy Generation, Distribution and Retailing.  

Our industry knowledge in energy management is a gamechanger.


Robust Power Control Software

Our custom-built platform has been developed exclusively for the energy needs of Australian and New Zealand (A/NZ) industry



We’re experts at bring efficiency from utility spend for our clients. No matter whether you are a business based in the city, regional or rural.  Clients who understand that making a difference takes passion, patience, and persistence.

Let's discuss your operational energy requirements

We work with businesses of all sizes to solves a wide range of problems.  If you are wondering how we can help you use technology to help your business perform better, please get in touch with us.

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