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Lumen CRM Coaching & Training

Providing a guiding hand to your organization with your CRM

Lumen CRM coaching is very different from any other Zoho CRM training. It is 6 times more effective than standard training as it focuses on ensuring Return on Investment (“ROI “) from your CRM investment.


Lumen CRM Coaching and Training
Personal CRM Training

The key to our success rate is our coach has real business experience, wide industry knowledge, proven record in helping businesses to lift revenue, close more deals and channelling advertising more effectively.

It took us years of experience to refine our processes and finally, we have opened it to the public.

Our experience Zoho CRM coach will work with you on a weekly basis, it is like having a new employee just for a few hours a week rather than a full-time person.


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We work with businesses of all sizes to solves a wide range of problems.  If you are wondering how we can help you use technology to help your business perform better, please get in touch with us.

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