Burst SMS and Zoho Desk

Bidirectional SMS service for Burst SMS and Zoho Desk

Burst SMS is an ultimate SMS service for businesses that value quick and easy communication with their customers. The professional A2P messaging service ensures that your messages are delivered efficiently and reliably, every time.

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Zoho Desk lumen business

Zoho Desk, an easy-to-use ticketing application, offers you a complete ticketing and SMS solution.

Quick and Easy SMS Services from Burst SMS and Zoho Desk

Lumen Business has created a Zoho Desk extension that enables you to send and receive SMS messages for multiple countries from a single Zoho Desk account, based on the powerful Burst SMS platform.

With Zoho Desk, you can send and receive SMS messages to your customer’s country of origin, using unique SMS phone numbers for each country. This makes it the perfect solution for businesses that run central support for a single country or multiple countries.

Our integrated solution is particularly effective for organisations that require quick and reliable engagement with their customers and leads, such as following up with customers who abandoned their eCommerce carts, updating order status, and more.


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Zoho Desk lumen business

Don’t settle for less when it comes to communicating with your customers. Sign up for Burst SMS with Zoho Desk today and experience the benefits of our powerful messaging and ticketing solution for yourself!

Lumen Business is  The largest Zoho API integrator in ANZ, we give you the surety your project is safe and will be on time and on budget.

Lumen is the Only Zoho partner to pass a risk assessment and is in the process of getting ISO27001, this means your precious data is in safe hands.

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