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Zoho CRM Implementation, Simplified by Lumen Business

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Zoho CRM Implementation with Lumen: Simple, Powerful, and Effective Start your Zoho journey with us. Our setup is clear-cut and thorough. We cater to all: big enterprises, government agencies, and SMEs. 

What we offer:

  • Set-Up: We align Zoho CRM with your business needs.
  • Customisation: We design what you need. Nothing less, nothing more.
  • Smart Automation: Your workflows get faster and simpler.
  • Secure Access: We set up roles and permissions. Your data stays safe.
  • Seamless Integration: Zoho CRM works with your tools. Effortlessly.
Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business
Zoho CRM implementation

We Understand Businesses Large or small, we know what you need:

  • For Enterprises: Robust CRM systems. Ready for scale.
  • For Government: Secure, compliant solutions.
  • For SMEs: Flexible, cost-effective CRM. Grow faster.

Proven Success Across the Board We’re known for handling complex CRM projects. Trusted by big enterprises and government, our team delivers. No task is too big.



Training? We’ve Got It Covered We teach your team. They’ll use Zoho CRM like pros.

Support That Doesn’t Stop We’re with you, even after setup:

  • Training, always.
  • Updates, regular.
  • Help, just a call away.

Choose Lumen Your CRM, our expertise. Grow your business with us.

Let’s Talk Ready for change? Contact Lumen. Let’s do this.

Zoho CRM implementation
Zoho CRN implementation

Why knowing how to choose a Zoho implementation partner is so important:

With our extensive experience and specialisation in CRM, we have found that, for most of our customers in New Zealand, we can categorise three types of CRM implementation requirements.

  1. High-end enterprise category.
  2. Managing leads and Deals with minor customization—more or less off-the-shelf
  3. CRM is a “database.” (Database CRM) requires heavy software customization

We found that the last two categories suited many of our customers in New Zealand, and therefore we chose Zoho as it was well-suited for the NZ market and our customers.

The two categories of CRM implementation that can affect your business in the future

1: “Managing leads and deals

The two categories, Managing leads and deals, and “Database CRM”, are very different from each other. Managing leads and deals is a straightforward CRM implementation, where most of the configuration and automation can be done by the customer. Only about 1% to 5% of these implementations require development knowledge in Zoho Deluge (Zoho development language), with the exception of if the CRM implementation requires a specialist in APIs, data migration, and data cleaning.
For this type of Zoho implementation, we created an express implementation, where we focus on knowledge transfer, training, speed of deployment, and low entry costs. It is important to read about our sales training and 3 selling mistakes when implementing Zoho CRM.

2: “Database CRM

Database CRM, on the other hand, is a very different type of CRM implementation. For example, the CRM can be used by telcos to manage their provisioning process. In this case, knowledge of the CRM is secondary, and the Zoho partner requires extensive knowledge and discipline in many areas, such as system analysis, system architecture, data modelling, software development, database development, SAAS development, BI and report writing expertise, RPA development, AI development, API expertise, data cleaning, data migration, data entry automation, Amazon Connects, and SMS automation.

To ensure a successful implementation of a “Database CRM”, it’s important to have the required skills in-house in New Zealand and not outsource them overseas. Otherwise, managing the project can be challenging, and you may be at the mercy of cheap labour from a third-world country. At Lumen, we have all the expertise necessary to ensure a successful Zoho CRM implementation for your business.


The 16 skills required for successful Zoho CRM implementation are:

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Discover how Lumen’s Advanced CRM Strategy transforms customer relationship management. From unique sales funnel strategies using Gap, Challenger, and SPIN models to enhancing lead quality and empowering teams, our approach is a game-changer. We focus not just on managing, but enriching customer relationships with personalized, strategic insights. Experience the future of CRM with Lumen

Lumen's Advanced CRM Strategy
The skills required for successful ImplementationLumen BusinessOther
Expertise and experienceExpertise and experience
Trusted by government and enterprises×
Providing Zoho Training by professional trainer×
Experience with Large Zoho Analytics projects×
The most experienced Zoho API developer in NZ×
Over 42 live API Projects×
Zoho Developers in NZ – not outsourcing overseas×
All our developers Kiwis ×
Data security, passed the NZISM?×
Data Cleaning Expert×
Experiences Data Migration×
Java Software Developer×
MySQL specialist×
Expert Business Process Automation×

You’re a few hours away from the world’s favourite CRM

Unlock your business’s potential by implementing Zoho CRM. As Zoho CRM Certified consultants we have the experience to get you moving in no time at all. We also offer Zoho integrations, Zoho training, and support.

Because of our years of experience, we deliver the fastest Zoho CRM implementation in the country.

Over the decades, we have found what makes CRMs work and what makes them fail. We can share this wisdom with you.

Make your CRM integrated. We can connect all of your business apps with standard or custom integrations.

Dramatically streamline your business by automating parts of your business process. This frees up your people to focus on their most important work.

Integrate your CRM with Zoho One

A Zoho CRM implementation is just the beginning. With Zoho One, we can help you select which Zoho apps will be essential companions to your Zoho CRM. There are over 40 other Zoho apps that will help you utilise the power of Zoho.

Learn more about Zoho One

Zoho Implementation with Lumen Business
Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business

We train you how to drive Zoho

One of the biggest challenges with software like Zoho CRM is that it can do so many things. We can take you and your team through how Zoho CRM works – step-by-step. This makes the learning curve more manageable, and allows your business to get the benefit of Zoho CRM faster. While most companies see Zoho CRM implementations as the end of the process, we see it as just the beginning.

Sharing our Zoho CRM best practice

Over the years we have gained a wealth of practical knowledge on how to best use Zoho CRM. We have seen what the factors are that makes Zoho CRM work for companies and what leads to companies floundering. With you under our wing you will not have to reinvent the wheel.

Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business
Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business

Get Zoho boosting your website

By connecting Zoho CRM to your website you can change your website from an online brochure to an online selling machine. Zoho MarketingHub, Zoho SalesIQ, and Zoho PageSense are just a few of the other apps that can help you make this paradigm shift.

Learn more about high-performance Websites

Zoho CRM integrations: standard and custom

We can connect your Zoho CRM to the apps you already love to use. Whether it is an app for ERP, quoting, finance, event management, marketing or social media Zoho CRM will be able to connect. Integrating the power of Zoho CRM with your other apps means you spend less time managing your apps and more time working on your business.

Learn more about our Zoho Integrations

Zoho CRM integrations
Zoho CRM segmentation

Customer segmentation

Zoho CRM helps business collect a wealth of data – the question remains: how do you make this data meaningful? We can help you with this. Creating intelligent data categories means that real insights can be gained from the information.


Process management

By creating blueprints of essential business processes, Zoho CRM guides users through what actions should be taken at what time. This prompting helps staff get the sequence correct, every time, in their day to day work.

Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business
Zoho-automation by Lumen Business

Workflow automation

One of the most valuable gains a business can make with a Zoho CRM implementation is the ability to automate large portions of your workflow. The benefits of this cannot be overstated. Automation helps free up precious human capital – allowing your staff to direct their energy to value creation.

Learn more about Intelligent Automation


Data Migration and Data Cleaning

Zoho CRM implementations mean easier centralisation and connection between your business apps. But in many cases this means data migration has to occur. Skilled data cleaning and data migration are essential so that your existing data can be put to good use. This data transfer can also help shed new light on previous years of business operation, allowing for deeper insights into where a business can improve.

Learn more about Data migration and Data cleaning

Zoho migration by Lumen Business
Zoho logo by Lumen Business

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