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The easiest way to manage your brands on social media

Schedule unlimited posts, monitor what matters, and create custom-reports to analyze your social media performance with Zoho Social.

Effective social media activity can be a massive challenge for businesses.  Most businesses understand that they should be using social media but many are unsure about exactly how they should do that.

Zoho Social makes social media for business easier by bringing all the work into one, easy to use platform.

The steps of content creation and publishing is a simple and effective process on Zoho Social.  Once created posts can be posted immediately or scheduled at a later time. Using the ‘SmartQ’ feature, Zoho Social will automatically schedule your post to be made at the time your audience is most likely to view and engage with it.

Keeping track of all the brands you follow as well as monitoring your own brand on social media can be a complex and time-heavy task. Zoho Social monitors what is happening with brands your follow as well as your own brands.  Keeping in touch with what people say about your brand online is a useful way to connect with how your customers really feel about what your business does.

Zoho Social also makes monitoring your brand easy with providing notifications for all your social media platforms on one platform.  You are also able to create performance indication with ‘Brand Index’.  This is a collection of daily scores that shows you how well you business is performing on each of the networks that you are active on.

Detailed statistics and analytics are produced by Zoho Social to give you meaningful insights into how your brand is performing. This gives you daily tracking that highlights metrics such as reach, engagement, new fans, views, sentiment analysis, key connections, and more. This kind of data can ale be helpful for analyzing who is important for your brand on social media and who you may want to spend more effort engaging

Zoho Social acts as your central command panel, streamlining multi-channel social media activity for your company, all with the aim of helping you stay social with your customers.

If you think social media could be important for your business and you would like to know more about the pricing or benefits of  Zoho Social ©, then contact us for free consultation.

To learn more about how best to use Zoho Application – CRM  contact us.  We are certified Zoho CRM Consultants as well as Certified Zoho CRM resellers,  and have the expertise to help your Zoho Application – CRM and  (more importantly) your business perform better.

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