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Express Zoho CRM Implementations

Express Zoho CRM implementation is the fastest way to get Up and running in just one day

Express Zoho CRM implementation by Lumen Business: Up and running in just one day. Streamlined, straightforward, and supported by expert guidance.

Knowing if Express CRM implementation suites your organisation depends on several factors, such as your business needs, budget, self-learning, and timeline. Express CRM implementation typically involves implementing Zoho CRM “off-the-shelf” It is designed to meet the basic requirements of your business.

Unlock your business’s potential by implementing Zoho CRM. As Zoho CRM Certified consultants we have the experience and the skills you need. We also offer Zoho integrationsZoho training, and support.

Our working process

You’re a couple steps away from the world’s favourite CRM

Unlock your business’s potential by implementing Zoho CRM. As Zoho CRM Certified consultants we have the experience to get you moving in no time at all. We also offer Zoho integrations, Zoho training, and support.

Express Implementation

Because of our years of experience, we deliver the fastest Zoho CRM implementation in the country.

Best Practices

Over the decades, we have found what makes CRMs work and what makes them fail. We can share this wisdom with you.


Make your CRM integrated. We can connect all of your business apps with standard or custom integrations.

Business Automation

Dramatically streamline your business by automating parts of your business process. This frees up your people to focus on their most important work.

Is Express Zoho CRM implementation suited to your requirements?

As a general rule, if you get your CRM to do leads and pipeline management, then Express Zoho CRM implementation is a very good option for you. It is typically faster and less expensive than a custom implementation but may have limited flexibility and customisation options.

If your business has simple CRM requirements and a limited budget, express CRM implementation may be a good option. It is also suitable if you need to implement a CRM system quickly and do not have the time or resources to go through a full-scale implementation process. Express CRM implementation can provide a quick return on investment by improving your sales and marketing processes and enhancing your customer relationships.

Zoho express CRM implementation

However, if your business has complex CRM requirements or needs a high degree of customization, express CRM implementation may not be the best option. In such cases, a custom CRM implementation may be more appropriate. Custom implementations offer more flexibility and can be tailored to meet specific business needs but can be more time-consuming and expensive.

Ultimately, the decision to choose express CRM implementation should be based on a careful evaluation of your business needs, goals, and available resources. You may also want to consult with CRM experts to help you determine the best approach for your organization

Know why Express Zoho implementation is the fastest way to go live.

Express Zoho implementation is an implementation method developed by Lumen. 

Express Zoho Implementation is a unique approach to Zoho implementation that empowers customers to manage their own Zoho setup and configuration without requiring IT knowledge or expertise. This method is the result of years of experience in Zoho implementation, as Lumen realized that many customers would benefit from being self-sufficient in managing their Zoho platform in the long-term.

With Express Zoho Implementation, the focus is on knowledge transfer, consulting, support, and training to enable customers to be self-sufficient in managing their Zoho platform. This approach is particularly helpful when there is integration and API involved with the implementation. Lumen works in partnership with customers, focusing on IT issues like data migration, APIs, and Zoho functions, while customers take care of Zoho setup and configuration tasks such as Workflow, fields customization, blueprint, security, templates, analytics (reports), and emails.

Overall, Express Zoho Implementation provides a more effective way to run and manage Zoho in the long run, with lower ownership costs and faster response times to business needs and changes. This method of implementation is a true partnership between Lumen and the customer, allowing customers to take control of their Zoho platform while receiving ongoing support and expertise from Lumen.


What are the 3 benefits of Express Zoho customer relationship management implementation?

1. Cost-effective. 
2. Up and running in one day
3. Knowledge transfer = self-sufficient

Cost-effective: For small and medium-sized enterprises seeking a CRM system, Lumen’s Express Zoho deployment is an economical option. It provides a fantastic return on investment for less than $600 + Tax. Without having to pay exorbitant costs, you can use a CRM system that is packed with features.

Fast setup: You can be up and running with Lumen’s Express Zoho CRM deployment in only one day. The implementation procedure is streamlined, and our expert knowledgeable team can assist you with every stage of setup to make sure it goes smoothly. From the very first day, you may use the system to keep track of your sales, leads, and interactions with customers.

Knowledge transfer and training: Our experience team not only helps you with the initial setup but also provides knowledge transfer and training to ensure that you can use the system effectively in the long run. We provide custom training to your team members, ensuring that they understand the system and can utilise it to its full potential. This empowers your team to make the most out of the CRM system, saving time and effort, and eventually reducing the cost of ownership.

Lumen’s use of Express CRM implementation delivers long-term advantages, cost savings, and easy setup. To guarantee that the system is customised to match your business goals and that you receive the necessary support and training to make the most of the system, our team works directly with you.

What are the six steps of Express CRM implementation to help your business?

  1. Listening to you carefully.
  2. CRM changes.
  3. Knowledge transfer.
  4. CRM setting up – and admin training.
  5. User and Email setup.
  6. Security set up.

At Lumen Business, we strive to provide exceptional service to our clients by following a streamlined and efficient process for implementing Zoho CRM solutions. Here’s how our service works:

Listening Carefully to Your Requirements: We believe that the first step towards a successful implementation is to listen carefully to our client’s needs and requirements. We take the time to understand your business, your goals, and your pain points. This helps us to identify the most suitable CRM solution that meets your needs.

Customized the Taxonomy: After learning about your needs, we collaborate with you to make sure the CRM’s taxonomy is suited to your particular requirements. We make the required adjustments to make sure the system is set up to work with your company’s business procedures.

Knowledge Transfer and Custom Training: To ensure that you and your team can effectively utilise the CRM system, our professional team offers personalised training. We offer knowledge transfer in every area of the system, from fundamental functions to more complex ones, and we assist you in creating best practices for CRM usage.

Zoho Setting and Admin Training: We take care of all the necessary Zoho CRM settings and provide admin training to ensure that you have complete control over the system. We set up workflows, automation, and integrations to make sure the system is working seamlessly with your existing tools.

Setting up Users and Emails: Our team sets up user accounts and email integrations, ensuring that everyone in your organization has the necessary access to the system.

Setting up Security: By establishing user roles, permissions, and access restrictions, we take the required measures to ensure that your data is secure.

Ultimately, the goal of our service is to make sure that your Zoho CRM deployment is simple and successful. Our team of professionals is dedicated to giving you the assistance and instruction you need to make your CRM system a success. 

Lumen Business Authorize Zoho partner

How Much Express Zoho CRM implementation cost ?

  • less than $600 plus GST

Why choose Lumen as your Zoho CRM consultant?

  • Get up and running in hours, not days
  • We have helped hundreds of happy businesses get moving with Zoho CRM. 

The largest and most experienced Zoho developers you can trust, with over 25 years of Zoho expertise in New Zealand, 

  1. As certified Zoho CRM developers, we possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in building customised CRM solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We can help you streamline your business processes and drive growth.
  2. We are certified Zoho Analytics developers, with a deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities and an extensive track record of delivering successful analytics solutions to our clients
  3. We are certified Zoho Desk developers, with a proven track record of delivering highly effective customer support solutions to our clients. With our expertise in the Zoho Desk platform, we can help you optimise your support operations and provide exceptional customer experiences.
  4. As certified Zoho Projects developers, we have extensive experience building customised project management solutions using the Zoho Projects platform. Our expertise enables us to design solutions that help our clients streamline their project workflows, improve collaboration, and enhance overall project efficiency.
  5. Zoho Recruits developers in NZ
  6. With an unparalleled reputation as NZ’s largest and most experienced Zoho API developer, we have successfully delivered over 42 complex projects in the last two years. Our expertise in the Zoho API platform is unrivalled, and we are the go-to partner for businesses seeking to achieve excellence in their Zoho API projects. Trust us to deliver high-quality solutions that will take your business to the next level.
  7. All our developers are Kiwis, and the work stays in NZ – we do not outsource the work overseas.
  8. Zoho AI Zia: We are the only Zoho partner in NZ with AI development experience.
  9. RPA and automation: we are the only Zoho partner in NZ with RPA automation experience.
  10. Experiences and professional data cleaning, enrichment, and migration
  11. Data security, we passed the NZISM, your data is safe and secure with us
  12. The only partner that offers worldwide Sales training with Zoho CRM  
  • Over 45+ integrated apps to add to your CRM.
  • Get up and running in hours not days.
  • We have helped hundreds of happy customers get moving with Zoho CRM.
Lumen Business Zoho implementation Express CRM
Lumen Business Zoho Express CRM

Improve Zoho CRM with Lumen Email email validation and verification

A robust email validation and verification process is essential for improving Zoho CRM, Desk and Campaigns performance. It ensures that you have accurate data, avoids the risks of low-quality data, and enhances your email campaigns’ effectiveness.

Improve Your Zoho Performance with Email Validation & Verification


Improve Zoho CRM with Lumen Burst SMS

Lumen Business has created a Zoho CRM extension that enables you to send and receive SMS messages for multiple countries from a single Zoho CRM account, based on the powerful Burst SMS platform.

With Zoho CRM, you can send and receive SMS messages to your customer’s country of origin, using unique SMS phone numbers for each country. This makes it the perfect solution for businesses that run central support for a single country or multiple countries.

Our integrated solution is particularly effective for organisations that require quick and reliable engagement with their customers and leads, such as following up with customers who abandoned their eCommerce carts, updating order status, and more.

8 Reasons Why is Lumen the Most Innovative Zoho Consultants

  1. The first worldwide Zoho partner to introduce sales training to Zoho CRM. 

  2. The first worldwide Zoho partner to integrate ChatGPT with Zoho Desk. 

  3. The first worldwide Zoho partner to build an RPA project between UiPath and Zoho CRM. 

  4. The first worldwide Zoho partner to build an RPA project between UiPath and Zoho Analytic. 

  5. The first worldwide Zoho partner to integrate a keyword funnel into Zoho CRM. 

  6. The first worldwide Zoho partner to create data entry automation for Zoho Books. 

  7. The first worldwide Zoho partner to upload price lists automatically from CSV.

  8. The first worldwide Zoho partner to integrate Amazon Connect and The first worldwide Zoho partner to link Amazon Connect and Zoho SalesIQ



Take the Next Step with Lumen Business Solutions​

Don’t settle for less – partner with Lumen Business Solutions for an experience that drives your business forward.

Integrate your CRM with Zoho One

A Zoho CRM implementation is just the beginning. With Zoho One, we can help you select what Zoho apps will be essential companions to your Zoho CRM. There are over 40 other Zoho apps that will help you utilize the power of Zoho.

Learn more about Zoho One

Zoho Implementation with Lumen Business
Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business

We train you how to drive Zoho

One of the biggest challenges with software like Zoho CRM is that it can do so many things. We can take you and your team through how Zoho CRM works – step-by-step. This makes the learning curve more manageable, and allows your business to get the benefit of Zoho CRM faster. While most companies see Zoho CRM implementations as the end of the process, we see it as just the beginning.

Sharing our Zoho CRM best practice

Over the years we have gained a wealth of practical knowledge on how to best use Zoho CRM. We have seen what the factors are that makes Zoho CRM work for companies and what leads to companies floundering. With you under our wing you will not have to reinvent the wheel.

Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business
Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business

Get Zoho boosting your website

By connecting Zoho CRM to your website you can change your website from an online brochure to an online selling machine. Zoho MarketingHub, Zoho SalesIQ, and Zoho PageSense are just a few of the other apps that can help you make this paradigm shift.

Learn more about High Performance Websites

Zoho CRM integrations: standard and custom

We can connect your Zoho CRM to the apps you already love to use. Whether it is an app for ERP, quoting, finance, event management, marketing or social media Zoho CRM will be able to connect. Integrating the power of Zoho CRM with your other apps means you spend less time managing your apps and more time working on your business.

Learn more about our Zoho Integrations

Zoho CRM integrations
Zoho CRM segmentation

Customer segmentation

Zoho CRM helps business collect a wealth of data – the question remains: how do you make this data meaningful? We can help you with this. Creating intelligent data categories means that real insights can be gained from the information.


Process management

By creating blueprints of essential business processes, Zoho CRM guides users through what actions should be taken at what time. This prompting helps staff get the sequence correct, every time, in their day to day work.

Zoho Implementation by Lumen Business
Zoho-automation by Lumen Business

Workflow automation

One of the most valuable gains a business can make with a Zoho CRM implementation is the ability to automate large portions of your workflow. The benefits of this cannot be overstated. Automation helps free up precious human capital – allowing your staff to direct their energy to value creation.

Learn more about Intelligent Automation

Data migration and data cleaning

Zoho CRM implementations mean easier centralization and connection between your business apps. But in many cases this means data migration has to occur. Skilled data cleaning and data migration is essential so that your existing data can be put to good use. This data transfer can also help shed new light on previous years of business operation – allowing for deeper insights into where a business can improve.

Learn more about data migration and data cleaning

Zoho migration by Lumen Business

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