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Zoho Patch Manager Plus

Patch Manager Plus

Automate Patch Management on cloud anytime, anywhere

  • Stay clear of vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.
  • Manage your computers from being on cloud.
  • Patch Manager Plus supports AWS patching and patch management of Azure instances.
  • Patch Manager Plus cloud helps you stay on top of all updates for all Windows and MacOS based computers

Cloud-based patching is the way forward

Managing a hybrid environment of computers, minimal investments for infrastructure and maintenance, improved productivity and less downtime – account for why you should adopt cloud-based patch management!

Complete process of Patch management automated on cloud

Latest patches - database sync

The vulnerability database is always up-to-date with the latest patches.

Scan and detect missing patches

Scan the computers and detect the missing patches on a real time basis.

Download and deploy

Download the missing patches & deploy the approved patches automatically.


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