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Zoho CRM Training | Premium Courses & Expert Support | NZ

Training by an Experienced Qualified Professional Teacher

Zoho CRM Training – Premium Courses and Expert Support: At Lumen Business, we redefine Zoho training by focusing on you, the learner. With over 25 years of independent expertise in various training disciplines, we offer a Zoho learning experience that is not only informative but transformative and personalised.

Our commitment is to understand and cater to your unique learning style and capabilities, ensuring a positive and effective training experience.

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Why Choose Our Zoho Training?

Personalised Learning: We recognise that each individual has a unique learning style and capability. Our trained and professional teachers are adept at identifying these nuances and tailoring the training to suit each participant, thus maximising the effectiveness of the learning experience.

Specialised CRM Expertise: With our rich background in sales training, we deliver CRM training that goes beyond the basics. Learn how to effectively manage customer relationships in a way that resonates with your unique business style and goals.

Versatile Training Modules: Whether you’re new to Zoho or seeking to enhance your existing skills, our diverse training modules cater to all levels and learning preferences.

Maximising Investment: By aligning our training with your personal learning style, we ensure that the time and money you invest in our courses yield the highest returns in terms of skill enhancement and practical application.

Customised Zoho CRM training
Customized Zoho CRM training

Our Training Modules

Customised Zoho CRM: Dive deep into customer relationship management with a curriculum designed around your specific business needs and learning style.

Training for every level:

 Beginner Advanced
Sales Reps

Data-Driven Zoho Analytics: Embrace data analytics through personalised training that helps you leverage Zoho Analytics to its fullest potential.

Tailored Workshops: Address your unique business challenges with our bespoke workshops, tailored to meet your specific requirements and learning preferences.


“Lumen Business truly understood my learning needs. Their personalised approach made mastering Zoho an enjoyable and highly effective experience.” – A Grateful Learner

Customised Zoho CRM training
inclusive CRM training

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Introduction to Inclusive CRM Training In recent years, the corporate world has begun to recognise the unique learning needs of its diverse workforce. Lumen stands at the forefront of this change, offering innovative CRM training that caters to individuals with learning difficulties. Our approach ensures no employee is left behind, transforming traditional corporate training into

Zoho CRM training for every level

Over the years it has become clear to us that often when customers come to us asking for software, what they usually need is both the software and the skillset to use it well.  Our Zoho CRM training aligns these two aspects: software and skillset. Because the Zoho CRM skills needed at each level of a business, we offer three training paths: executive, manager, and sales rep.  Each path is tailored to that individuals specific needs. Our experienced instructors provide hands-on teaching that ensures you have the practical skills needed to successfully drive your CRM.


Zoho CRM Executives training is for those at the healm; the people with the responsibility for making key decisions. You will learn how to use Zoho CRM to inform strategic decisions to ensure your sales team are headed in the right direction.


Our Zoho CRM Managers training gives managers the tools to drive team performance. Emphasis is placed on customization, reporting, and what tactical adjustments can be made to support your sales reps.

Sales Reps

This course is focused on the practical Zoho CRM skills sales reps will need to use on a day-to-day basis. The focus of the training is on efficiency, mobility, and multi-platform pipeline management.

Zoho Implementation by Lumen business


If you are implementing a new Zoho CRM system or just want to sharpen your skillset we can come to you. We offer custom Zoho CRM training solutions for companies of all sizes.

What path is right for you?

The way will need to use Zoho CRM will depend on your role in the sales process. Each of our three training paths has a slightly different focus. Refer to the table to see what each Zoho CRM training path covers.

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Sales Rep
ExecutivesManagersSales Rep
Strategic CRM
Tactical CRM
Operational CRM
Zoho and your business
Building a CRM vision
Developing a CRM stratergy
Sucessful CRM implementation
Measuring profitability
CRM database management
CRM automation and AI
Zoho CRM portals
Using the Zoho ecosystem
Zoho CRM sales pipelines
Day-to-day Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM modules
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CRM that activates your business plan

Our Zoho CRM Training for Executives will teach you how to execute your business plan with create multiple sales processes.  We show you how to use Zoho CRM to build these custom processes and then how to free up your sales teams with automation.  By implementing specific workflow rules, these processes are guaranteed to run the way you intend them to. 

Zoho CRM Training

Measure your company's performance

We teach you how to maintain a bird’s eye view on your company’s performance.  While the reports that Zoho CRM are detailed and comprehensive, it still takes skill to be able to convert the data into actionable insights. We teach executives how.

Zoho CRM training Lumen

Dashboards for executives

We show executives how to build custom dashboards to get the daily information they need to keep their finger on the pulse.  With a real-time picture of their sales pipeline, executives can resolve bottlenecks as they happen.

Zoho CRM trainings dashboard

Manage sales team performance

Our Zoho CRM Training for Managers teaches team leaders how to use Zoho CRM to get the most out of their salespeople.  Managers can get a real-time picture of how each sales person is doing.  This allows them to step in to support any individual sales rep when they are struggling or reward salespeople that are going above and beyond.

Zoho CRM training territory
Zoho CRN training drill down reports

Dig deeper into the data

We can teach managers how to drill deeper into their Zoho CRM reports to understand the stories behind the numbers.  The analytical power of Zoho CRM is great, but it requires a skilled handler to uncover the insights that are at your fingertips.

On-the-go CRM for
sales reps

Our Zoho CRM Training teaches sales reps the ins and outs of using Zoho CRM on a day-to-day basis. At the center of this is the Zoho CRM mobile app which helps salespeople stay on top of their accounts wherever they go.  We teach sales reps how to use Zoho CRM to make the right decisions to help them get the most out of their work day.

Zoho CRM Training Mobile APP

360° customer visibility

Our training shows sales reps how to keep birds eye view on their entire customer portfolio.  From a single location salespeople can see customer activity, deal status, next actions and much more.  This makes decisions easier and sales more efficient.


Zoho Training in your city

We regularly provided training sessions in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, and Melbourne.  Due to COVID-19 these are currently on hold. 

We are still offering online demonstrations of Zoho to anyone interested, so please just contact us, we can work around your schedule.

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8 Commerce St,  Auckland 1010, New Zealand


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20-40 Meagher St, Chippendale,  NSW 2008, Australia


Zoho CRM training Melbourne


17-31 Queen St, Melbourne 3000, Australia


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