Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation with Lumen

Lumen takes pride in delivering the best results for our customers business and software needs over the many years we have been in business. ‘Intelligent Automation’ is Lumen’s umbrella term for a few fundamental business principles and technologies that we have put together to achieve significant business results for our customers.

Advances in business technology has meant that there has been an explosion of applications that businesses are using. The number of applications and the complexity of these applications have increased dramatically in both size and scope. Each one of these applications can do remarkable things for the businesses that use them and when implemented in a way that works with the business generally does great.

The challenge arises when there are multiple applications across multiple different pieces of software and there are deficiencies in the software solutions interacting or combined with one another. This is where the real need for Intelligent Automation emerges, when a plethora of business applications need to exist harmoniously and simultaneously. This is where we have noticed many opportunities and situations where our customers businesses have improved dramatically.

Implementing applications into an enterprise is fairly rudimentary and most software houses are able to do this. What sets Lumen apart is our ability to bring all of your applications into the market, where we can take any piece of software. No matter the software vendor, be it a single or multiple applications across the entire enterprise and deliver a significant result to our customers.

The 4 major areas of Lumen’s Intelligent Automation are:

Lumen’s BPM is where our decades of experience kicks into high gear. It’s our all encompassing strategic approach to your business. Where we use our extensive set of tools and knowledge to reshape businesses and improve efficiency, productivity and consistency for our customers. We are able to understand and find where your business is able to automate and improve business processes, removing bottlenecks and integrating systems and structures for improvements company wide. Lumen’s BPM gives a logical, data driven approach that gives business management more comprehensive information to make better decisions, and improve company wide by instilling discipline in operational management.

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Lumen’s RPA is where the magic really happens in Lumen’s Intelligent Automation. Lumen’s RPA is what allows to automate traditional business operations that would normally have to be manually done. We are able to develop scripts that mimic data entry or data retrieval that otherwise would have to be done by hand. Lumens RPA is revolutionary in that it is able to use any user interface, of any application that you are using. This helps Lumen customers automate tasks that would other be time-consuming, monotonous tasks allowing them to focus on more important, complex, customer focused tasks instead.

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Lumen’s API is what really sets us apart from everyone else, this is the most critical part to get right and very few have the expertise that we have to do this as well as we do. Lumen’s API is what allows us to migrate or integrate data from one application to another seamlessly, by doing this we are able to put all the relevant data that a business needs in one place giving 4 distinct advantages. Simplifies data, makes it more accurate, makes it much easier to work with, and makes it much easier to understand. The complexity and skill of this process cannot be understated because of what the API needs to be able to do, more than just move data. We can translate, validate, add to data, create actions on data, create records on data and create new workflows on data. This is where the real complexity of any integration really happens, and this is where you will see a drastic difference between Lumen and our competitors. We are one of the very best at this. Don’t believe us, ask any of our customers.

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Data migration and Data Cleaning

Implementation of new systems and software requires moving and manipulating your existing data from your old system to your new system or platform, this process is known as Data Migration. This is where the real challenge arises when we need to move data cross platforms and product suites. This is where the real expertise of Lumen shines and something many say they are able to do effectively, but few are actually able to deliver. Being able to migrate, clean, organize, translate, validate and manipulate data seamlessly for our customers to be able to use to make the best decisions for their business

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Why Lumen Business Solutions?

Lumen can do some remarkable things for businesses now, because we understand and implement Intelligent Automation in a way that works with our customers that harmonises their entire product suite seamlessly. This complexity of implementation is very difficult and technical work and requires decades of knowledge and experience that very few people have. We are able to significantly improve any company of any size with our Intelligent Automation


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