Discover DiscoveryMaster: Litigation Discovery Process with AI

Introducing DiscoveryMaster: The Ultimate Litigation Support Software​

transform the discovery

Introducing DiscoveryMaster: The Ultimate Litigation Support Software

DiscoveryMaster is a groundbreaking software solution designed to transform the discovery phase of litigation into a streamlined, efficient, and less labor-intensive process. Leveraging advanced AI, machine learning, and intuitive design, DiscoveryMaster addresses the traditional challenges faced by legal professionals during discovery by automating the sorting, listing, and analysis of documents.

Introducing DiscoveryMaster: The Ultimate Litigation Support Software​

Discovery made easy

Core Features of DiscoveryMaster

Automated Document Handling:

Automatically put documents in chronological order, list, number, and convert them to PDF. This includes sophisticated handling of email chains and attachments, significantly reducing manual work.

Relevance and Privilege Assessment:

AI-driven analysis to assess documents for relevance, confidentiality, and privilege, with alerts for potentially privileged documents that have not been marked as such.

Intelligent Document Search:

Conduct advanced searches within the content of documents, employing natural language processing to understand and locate relevant material efficiently.

Supporting Document Identification:

Scan draft affidavits, submissions, and other preparatory legal documents to suggest supporting documents for the issues raised, enhancing the strength of your case.

Easy Document Collation:

Simplify the collation of documents for affidavits and other legal processes, making it easier to organise and reference material as needed.

Difference Identification:

Identify and highlight differences in apparently identical documents to prevent redundancy and ensure no detail is overlooked.

Advanced Document Sorting:

Not only search but also categorise documents into various relevant categories, such as documents mentioning a specific person, documents within certain date ranges, or documents related to a specific topic.

Chronology Drafting:

Automatically produce draft chronologies of relevant events based on document analysis, saving time and providing a solid foundation for case timelines.

Consistency Checks:

Examine documents to find evidence that is consistent or inconsistent with case statements, providing an additional layer of scrutiny and support for your arguments.

Financial Document Tracking:

Specialised tools for tracking financial documents, including the matching of bank accounts, payer and payee details, and invoices, streamlining financial evidence collection.

Voice Recording Analysis:

Transcribe and assess voice recordings, integrating this analysis into the broader document examination process for a comprehensive overview of all available evidence.

DiscoveryMaster Transform Your Litigation Discovery Process with AI

legal standards

Advanced Legal Principles Integration

DiscoveryMaster goes beyond technical functionalities by incorporating an overlay of legal principles, ensuring that the software's analysis aligns with legal standards and requirements. This feature is designed to enhance the accuracy and reliability of document assessments, making DiscoveryMaster a powerful ally in any litigation process.

DiscoveryMaster Transform Your Litigation Discovery Process with AI

integrate with existing technology

Designed for Efficiency and Compliance

DiscoveryMaster is created with a focus on user experience, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and task completion. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing legal technology stacks, ensuring that law firms can adopt DiscoveryMaster without disrupting their current workflows. Security and data protection are paramount, with DiscoveryMaster employing state-of-the-art encryption and compliance measures to safeguard sensitive information.

significantly reduce the time

Transform Your Litigation Discovery Process

With DiscoveryMaster, legal professionals can significantly reduce the time and expense associated with the discovery process, allowing them to focus on building stronger cases with the support of advanced technology. Embrace the future of legal discovery with DiscoveryMaster.


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