Email Marketing

Open doors to new business

The key benefit of Email Marketing is that it reduces your cost of sales. By doing so products and services that were previously unaffordable to sell become viable business opportunities.

By combining critical thinking to Email Marketing software a business can more effectively market on multiple online channels (email, social media etc.) as well as automate repetitive tasks.

Email Marketing also helps open doors to new business activity that was previously uneconomical. Customers that previously had a prohibitively low spend or margin can become viable with automation.

Email Marketing allows businesses to optimise the customer experience through all stages of the conversion funnel – from lead generation to generating repeat sales.

It also helps you to keep in touch with customers after a sale. This relationship building ultimately leads to increased revenue per customer.

We pride ourselves on being experts in this application.

Key benefits of Email Marketing

  • Increased ability to up-sell and cross-sell
  • Helps to reactivate and retain customers
  • Creates efficient replenishment mechanisms
  • Provides resigning services and maintenance
  • Assists with appointment setting
  • Can manage customer feedback and survey efforts
  • Tracks the customer through the sales process to create better engagement
  • Simplifies product schedule service and maintenance

When to hire a marketing agency

At different points in your business lifecycle hiring a marketing agency will be more effective than hiring a full time marketing professional, and vice versa. Below are some key questions to consider when thinking about hiring a marketing agency:

  • “Do I currently have the calibre of people with the ability to generate original ideas and execute them in a way that generates profit?”
  • “What is the most cost effective way to get the multiple skillsets I need?”
  • “Does my sales team need to find a way to find fresh leads and close them immediately or put them into a sale funnel for long-term cultivation?”
  • “Can a marketing agency work alongside our in-house team?’
  • “Does the prospective agency have direct experience in a similar industry?”
  • “Can the agency continue to support my business as it changes and grows in size?”
  • “I am looking to grow the business but don’t have the revenue to justify hiring an in-house marketing professional. Would an agency be more cost effective? “
  • “How can I invigorate my existing in-house marketing team?”
  • “How do I know if my employees are experienced enough to avoid the almost irreversible damage that spamming can cause?”
  • “Can an agency diagnose and help us recover from a negative email campaign or spamming?”


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