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The Benefits of Custom Data Entry Automation

In the administration of a business, manual data collection and data entry takes up too much time. These different processes may appear to be simple and effective, yet require knowledge workers to perform multiple steps repeatedly.  

In 60% of office jobs, a third of activities that make up that specific job could be automated.    

By avoiding manual data entry, you will reduce the time that is wasted on boring, repetitive tasks.  This could save six hours a week or almost a full workday!

Hence the rise of Data Entry Automation. 

Lumen are data entry automation experts, ready to discuss your needs.

We have many tools at our disposal, the Lumen team is certified architects in Robotic Automation Platforms including Blue PrismAutomation AnywhereWorkfusion and Microsoft Power Apps.  

As we are certified UiPath architecture and design developers, we offer deep insights on the best robotic automation tools to improve your processes to deliver:


How does the data entry automation process work?

The most common method is automated typing and mouse clicking. Complex workflows with automation software allow automatic data entry into web applications, desktop applications and web forms.  Navigation between screens with pre-built actions and keyboard combinations, as well as millisecond delays until the next step, are basic parts of the process. 

Macros might need to be adjusted due to server load.  If the software is slow due to too many users, this can interrupt the correct automation of data entry, when windows on the screen are not in place in the correct time sequence.

Web scraping extracts information from websites, for example pricing or contact information.  We discuss this in more detail here.


Optical Character Recognition

Data Entry Automation software is only as good as it’s implementation. We can use technology such as optical character recognition to find the data in your documents that are important.  We index this data which is saved to your servers.

Form Processing

Form processing is widely used in many industries, examples of these are in mortgage applications, health forms and insurance claims.


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