One of the best things you can do for your business Knowing when your customers need your help

One of the best things you can do for your business Knowing about your customers’ intent on time

One of the best things you can do for your business is to stop missing out on opportunities you already have

Lumen’s Keyword Funnel – Lead Scoring is a revolutionary product that automatically changes your lead and opportunity scoring according to your keyword funnel and reflects it in your CRM.

Lumen businesses specialize in sales training, CRM implementation, and helpdesk implementation. Unlike any other CRM consultant or Zoho partner, we specialize in embedding sales processes and account management, therefore, we come across all the intricacies of the sales process and the loss of opportunities. Over the years, a lot has changed with respect to the sales process embedded in the CRM. We noticed our customers, especially those with a lot of leads, began to face three issues:

  1. The speed of the customers’ buying journey is changing without the salesperson having the time or the chance to notice it, resulting in lost sales to your competition.
  2. Missing out on the opportunity to engage and help your customers at the right time and knowing when it is time to close the deal.
  3. The customer visited the website, therefore leaving all the indications about the stage of the changes in their buying journey. The sales team had no idea that was the case and missed the opportunity to engage with the customer at the right time.
Lumen's Keyword Funnel - Lead Scoring
Lumen's Keyword Funnel - Lead Scoring

We implemented our new technology for our B2B customers.

Last year, we implemented our new technology our B2B customers, such as: two education institutions, one e-commerce site, and one distributor. One in New Zealand and four in Australia. 

The results were an increase in conversion and a shorter sales cycle. 

We decided to launch our product to the public. 

We created lead and deal scoring for your keyword funnel. As the leads or customers progress through the funnel, their score changes. The salesperson is immediately informed and can initiate relevant and effective activities and/or trigger automations (relevant email marketing).

A live example from our education customer:

When an existing student looks at new type of training course that is related to their previous course, the account manager of that student gets immediate notification and closes the new opportunity with the student.

A life example from our distribution center customer:

When customers browse their website and investigate a new category of product, the account manager receives immediate notification to contact the customer, offer them the help they need, and make sure they close the deal.

Product implementation:

Lumen’s Keyword Funnel with Lead Scoring is customized to your specific website and keyword funnel. Therefore, it is important to have an effective SEO strategy for B2B. We prefer to collaborate with your SEO consultant. That will help us speed up the implementation and make the result more relevant and effective. 

The implementation will take about 40 hours. We recommend doing some thinking about the possibility, of deploying marketing automation with the new lead scoring, and providing some sales training to the sales team to ensure maximum benefit from your new Lead Scoring Keyword Funnel. 

We also recommend putting ROI measurement in place to show the impact of your new Lumen’s Keyword Funnel with Lead Scoring on your sales target. Some reporting needs to be in place to see how fast you follow up on your opportunities.

Lumen's Keyword Funnel - Lead Scoring

keyword funnel, summarised:

Keyword Funnel 7

Awareness Stage: This is the first stage of the funnel where people become aware of their problem or need. The keywords at this stage are often broad and generic and focus on the problem or need that the person is experiencing.

Consideration Stage: At this stage, people have identified their problem or need and are evaluating different solutions. The keywords in this stage are more specific and focus on the features, benefits, and attributes of different products or services.

Decision Stage: This is the final stage of the funnel where people have narrowed down their options and are ready to make a purchase or take some other action. The keywords at this stage are highly specific and focused on the transactional aspect of the search.

Product Add Ons For our enterprise customers:

1) Lumen’s Keyword Funnel – Lead Scoring with Help Desk integration.

2) Integration between your help desk and ChatGPT

3) Lumen’s Keyword Funnel – Lead Scoring with ChatGPT

We do recommend to setup meeting with your SEO specialist or the minimum to have SEO strategy in place.