Lumen Business Solutions provides the tools and capability to ensure you build a deep understanding of your data.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Lumen Business Solutions will deploy Zoho Analytics for you, with your initial configuration requirements. Zoho Analytics is a self-service business intelligence and analytics software tool which help you create dashboard and analyse data.

Zoho Analytics is designed to retrieve, analyse, transform and report data for business intelligence across your Government agency. Zoho Analytics provides many methods for data importation across many interfaces.

Data mining, Analysis tools & Analytics

Zoho DataPrep is an advanced self-service data preparation tool that helps agencies model, cleanse, prepare, enrich and organize large volumes of data from multiple data sources to serve data analytics and data warehousing with exceptional data quality, all without the need for any coding.

Data Visualisation

Lumen Business Solutions with  help you maximise your utility of Zoho Analytics, as a data visualization software, helping you transform any data into rich visuals. We’ll also help you arrive at the right decisions faster, and with confidence.

Reports & Dashboards

Dashboards are an effective way of organising reports into a single page to have a quick insight into the Key Metrics at a glance. Lumen Will help you configure Zoho Analytics to provide simple & intuitive drag and drop interfaces for creating dashboards in minutes.