Zoho Identity Manager Plus

Identity Manager Plus

A secure, single sign-on (SSO) solution for enterprises.

Identity Manager Plus from ManageEngine, the IT division of Zoho, gives end users one-click access to the applications they need and allows IT admins to manage and monitor application access from one central console.

One-click access

Provide users with secure, one-click access to enterprise applications. Users only have to log in once to access all their applications.

Standardized SAML support

Enable SSO to hundreds of popular applications in our app catalog or any SAML-based internal application using custom integrations.

Gain deep insights

Track who accessed which application, from where, and when. Find the applications used most, inactive users, and more.

Directory integrations

Directly import users from G Suite and Azure AD, or use the built-in Zoho Directory to onboard temporary employees and contractors.

Manage accesses centrally

Configure SSO for applications, add users, enable application access to users, and track application access—all from a central console.

Scale as you grow

Identity Manager Plus is entirely cloud-based. Choose your subscription plan based on current requirements, and then scale as you grow.

Simplify and secure access to thousands of enterprise applications.


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