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Microsoft Excel Programming for real world challenges

Lumen is an experienced developer and software consultant in all versions of Microsoft Excel.

MS Excel as part of Microsoft 365 is the world’s most powerful and widely used Spreadsheet software.  We have decades of experience using the platform, from its origins in the 1980s up to today’s cloud version.  However, many companies may not have the in-house experience in how to use vital components of Excel like Visual Basic (VBA).  


Lumen designs, develops and implements Excel automation and application development for SMBs and enterprise clients

Excel Programming experts in New Zealand, Australia or globally, we have the team that can find some surprising answers to your problems

Save time and money with advanced VBA functions

Excel allows you to automate almost anything, by using VBA programming. Lumen can automate repetitive tasks, and accomplish more with additional functionality.


Excel VBA can be used for many tasks, for example Sales Analysis, Forecasting, Graphics, Charting, Budgeting and much more. Your team can gather actionable information in a matter of seconds.

Easy to run macros

Eliminate human errors and allow even someone with no Excel experience to run perform tasks by running a macro.

Redeploy resources to high value functions

By automating common and repetitive keystrokes, your team can focus on more advanced tasks and on showcasing insights from the data.

Data Driven Decisions

With a modest investment, you can have an immediate productivity gain

Finance, Health, Manufacturing, Retail or any industry you desire, we will customise solutions for our Australian and New Zealand clients.  

We can also work with you to present your Excel data in Power BI to deliver stunning interactive reports.

Excel programming expertise

Lumen is powered by automation, formulas and functions. Clients have trusted our software development agency for over 25 years.

"Whether you need Excel Programming in New Zealand, Australia or globally, Lumen has the team you need for getting the most out of Excel. With hundreds of happy clients, we work quickly and efficiently to maximise your investment"
Our principal consultant Ilan Gross
Ilan Gross
Principal Consultant