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How SQream DB increases BI tools and Visualiser performance

No matter if your preferred BI tool is Tableau, or one of the other great tools: Alteryx Platform, TIBCO Spotfire, Domo, TIBCO Jaspersoft, Looker, Tableau Desktop, Microsoft Power BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, Qlik Sense, SAP Crystal, QlikView, and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) , SAS Business Intelligence, Yellowfin BI,  QlikSense, Sisense, Looker, Clear Analytics, Oracle BI, IBM Cognos Analytics, SQream DB is the solution you need to increase performance and save you time and money.

This is part three of a series, please visit part one, part two or our SQReam DB partner page

The BI pipeline suffers from several problem.  It can be slow to access data, or have a rigid infrastructure that cannot handle ad-hoc queries.  

Perhaps you have an issue with out-of-date dashboards that can’t be refreshed quickly?  Complexity in the data pipeline from tweaks and years of addressing scalability, are problems that trickle down to BI tools and visualisers.


The most common issue for BI users is caused by legacy data pipelines, which were not designed for the scale of modern data.  

Instead of most data warehouses which required time-consuming processes like indexing, cubing and projecting, SQream DB automatically prepared data for quicker analysis.

Table are loaded at speeds in excess of 3TB/hour, using standard SQL and ODBC connectivity.

"We provide the number one performing big data analytics database in terms of speed, scale, size and simplicity - turning it into the most cost-effective database available on the market"
Ami Gal
CEO and co-founder of SQream

Lumen is a distributor and reseller for SQream in Australia and New Zealand.  Our relationship and experience makes us the best team to speak with for your big data analytic needs. 

For more information on BI Visualisers and SQream you can watch the webinar “Tableau Dashboards: The Insights You’re Not Seeing”

From there you can learn how to achieve fine-grained dashboards that are always current and valuable new insights into your customers, operations and business.

Our SQream DB consultants are eager to show you how you can save money, and increase the quality of your business intelligence.

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