Understanding the Risks of Solely Relying on Data-Driven Decisions | Lumen Business

Blog The Risks of Relying Solely on Data-Driven Decisions In the era of big data, making decisions based on metrics and analytics has become commonplace. However, while data-driven decision-making can provide significant advantages, it is crucial to recognize its limitations and potential pitfalls. In this post, we’ll explore why relying solely on the data organizations … Read more

AI Solutions for Financial Organisations | Expert AI consultant on Azure

Topic: AI Book a Free Consultation Topic: AI Book a Free Consultation Introduction Discover how Lumen Business Solutions empowers financial organisations with advanced AI technologies to enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and boost financial performance. Comprehensive AI Solutions for the Financial Sector Dynamic Financial Analysis and Reporting Industries: Corporate finance, financial institutions. Application: Financial Forecasting and … Read more

AI-Powered Competitive Intelligence Tool on Azure | Expert AI consultant NZ & AU

Topic: AI Custom Certification & Licencing Software Book a Free Consultation Topic: AI Book a Free Consultation Introduction to Azure-Based Market Analysis Solutions At Lumen Business Solutions, we are excited to unveil our latest offering tailored for corporate finance and strategic business units: the AI-Powered Competitive Intelligence Tool. This innovative service leverages the advanced capabilities of … Read more

Distinction Between a Problem and Its Cause: A Key to Effective B2B Sales

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Blog The Distinction Between a Problem and Its Cause: A Key to Effective B2B Solutions In the realm of B2B sales, distinguishing between a problem and its underlying cause can often blur, leading to misdiagnoses and ineffective solutions. Understanding this distinction is crucial for delivering solutions that not only address the immediate issue but also … Read more

Innovate to Win: Lessons in Competitive Strategy from Jack Welch

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Blog Unlocking Innovation: Embracing Jack Welch’s Legacy for Competitive Advantage An invaluable lesson from the storied tenure of Jack Welch at General Electric (GE) resonates deeply with the ethos of Lumen Business. Welch, renowned for steering GE through an era of unprecedented growth from 1981 to 2001, left behind a legacy marked not just by … Read more

Why Building an In-House B2B Content Team Outperforms Freelancers | Your Company’s Guide

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In the competitive world of B2B marketing, the quest for high-converting content often leads businesses to seek out top-tier freelance writers. While the allure of hiring a high-end writer is strong—given their ability to craft content that resonates deeply with customers and converts—the cost ($700 for 1,000 words and above) can be prohibitive. Moreover, relying heavily on a single or a few expensive freelancers can pose risks to consistency and sustainability. But what if there was a more effective strategy that aligns with your business objectives without breaking the bank?

Mastering B2B Content Creation & Team Building | Strategic Guide

Mastering B2B Content Creation

Strategic Guide: Excelling in B2B Content Creation & Team Building with Lumen’s Framework Mastering B2B Content Creation and Team Building with Lumen’s Strategic Framework In the competitive landscape of B2B marketing, success hinges not only on crafting compelling, high-converting content but also on assembling a specialized team capable of understanding and addressing the nuances of … Read more

B2B Positioning Strategy Implementation & Services | Business & CRM | Sales Training – Lumen Solutions

B2B Positioning Strategy

Empower Your B2B Success with Lumen’s Tailored Positioning Strategies Optimise Your Business with Lumen’s Advanced B2B Positioning Strategies Stand Out with Lumen’s Unique B2B Marketing Approach In the ever-evolving world of B2B markets, positioning your brand effectively and sustainably stands as a formidable challenge. Lumen’s approach to B2B positioning is crafted to address these very … Read more

Mastering B2B Positioning Strategy: Lumen’s Guide to Market Leadership

B2B Positioning Strategy

In the complex and ever-evolving world of business-to-business (B2B) markets, finding a distinct and effective positioning for your brand is akin to navigating a labyrinth. With the marketplace crowded and competitive, establishing a clear, differentiated position is not just challenging but crucial for survival and growth.

CRM Implementation vs Strategy: Navigating Success in Customer Relationships


Introduction: CRM Implementation vs. Strategy: Navigating Success in Customer Relationships In this post, we’re tackling two crucial components of customer relationship success: CRM implementation and CRM strategy. While they might sound similar, they play very different roles in a business. Implementation is all about getting your CRM system up and running smoothly, focusing on the … Read more