Accelerating AI in NZ: A Market-Led Approach to Boosting Productivity

Accelerating AI in NZ

Inspired by recent findings reported by Newshub, this blog post delves into the critical need for New Zealand to adopt a comprehensive AI strategy to significantly enhance productivity. The original article, which highlights a potential $26 billion addition to the economy through increased digital technology use, serves as a foundation for our discussion on accelerating AI adoption across industries. For more detailed insights, read the full article here.

Navigating Uncertainty: Strategies to Become a Learning and Listening Organisations

Strategies to Become a Learning and Listening Organisations

How to Grow your Enterprise business with Learning and Listening Organisations in Uncertain Environments In an era where business landscapes evolve at an unprecedented pace, the ability to adapt and innovate becomes crucial. This is where the principles of learning and listening organisations, as exemplified by Lumen, play a pivotal role. By embracing these concepts, … Read more

AI Governance: A Non-Negotiable Enterprise Imperative

AI governance and security within the enterprise

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly integrates into our daily operations, the recent Air Canada chatbot incident serves as a crucial wake-up call. This situation, where a chatbot’s flawed advice led to a costly legal judgment against Air Canada, highlights the latent risks AI poses to enterprises. It underscores why robust AI governance … Read more

Avoiding the Pitfall: The Real Cost of Ineffective Business Strategy and CRM Strategy

The Real Cost of Ineffective Business Strategy and CRM Strategy

In the realm of business success, much is made of the strategies that lead companies to triumph. Yet, there’s a less told but equally important story: the significant costs of bad business and CRM strategies. At Lumen, with 25 years at the forefront of CRM consulting, we’ve witnessed firsthand the repercussions of strategic missteps and the critical importance of getting it right.

Rethinking Productivity in the Multigenerational Workplace | Business Culture

Rethinking Productivity in the Multigenerational Workplace | Business Culture

Navigating Age Diversity in the Workplace: Insights and Solutions Introduction: Recent analysis by Yahoo Finance, based on a report by the London School of Economics and Political Science and Protiviti, highlights a challenging aspect of modern workplaces: larger age gaps between managers and employees correlate with decreased productivity levels. This piece explores the nuances behind … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to CRM Consulting: Strategies for Business Growth by Lumen NZ

CRM Consulting & Automation Experts CRM Implementation & Strategy New Zealand

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consulting has emerged as a cornerstone for businesses aiming to enhance their customer engagement, streamline operations, and boost growth. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the essence of CRM consulting, offering insights, strategies, and practical advice for leveraging CRM to its fullest potential. CRM Consulting: Your Gateway to Enhanced Customer Relationships … Read more

Maximising B2B Lead Generation: Insights from Shannon Phelps and Lumen’s CRM Approach | B2B Content Strategy

B2B Content Marketing Strategies with CRM strategy 1

Shannon Phelps’s exploration of B2B content marketing strategies for high-quality lead generation is both insightful and timely.  Her emphasis on content as a pivotal element in lead generation resonates strongly with our approach at Lumen. Our advanced CRM strategies, honed over 25 years of leadership in CRM consulting and sales training, further amplify the impact … Read more

Strategic Leadership: The CEO’s Role in Elevating CRM Success & Transforming CRM Strategy

CEO involvement in CRM strategy

Maximising CRM Strategy Impact: The Essential Role of CEO Involvement Introduction: A Quarter-Century of CRM Leadership at Lumen Business At Lumen Business, our 25 years of leadership in CRM strategy and sales training for enterprises and SMEs have provided us with unparalleled insights. Our journey through countless CRM implementations across various industries has underscored a … Read more