CRM Software Selection: Efficiency or Effectiveness in CRM Implementation

Mastering CRM Strategy for Superior Account Management

Blog Introduction When it comes to buying CRM software, businesses often have two primary motivations: saving money and efficiency or being effective. While both approaches have their merits, they differ in their focus and objectives. The Saving Money and Efficiency approach is the overwhelmingly dominate one. It is understandable as it is easier to explain, … Read more

Why Building an In-House B2B Content Team Outperforms Freelancers | Your Company’s Guide

b2b content team strategy

In the competitive world of B2B marketing, the quest for high-converting content often leads businesses to seek out top-tier freelance writers. While the allure of hiring a high-end writer is strong—given their ability to craft content that resonates deeply with customers and converts—the cost ($700 for 1,000 words and above) can be prohibitive. Moreover, relying heavily on a single or a few expensive freelancers can pose risks to consistency and sustainability. But what if there was a more effective strategy that aligns with your business objectives without breaking the bank?

Mastering B2B Positioning Strategy: Lumen’s Guide to Market Leadership

B2B Positioning Strategy

In the complex and ever-evolving world of business-to-business (B2B) markets, finding a distinct and effective positioning for your brand is akin to navigating a labyrinth. With the marketplace crowded and competitive, establishing a clear, differentiated position is not just challenging but crucial for survival and growth.

Accelerate Revenue and Engagement with Lumen Business’s CRM Strategy for Account Management

Mastering CRM Strategy for Superior Account Management Empowering Account Management for Revenue Growth with Lumen Business Transform your account management into a dynamic growth engine with Lumen Business’s CRM strategy and sales training. Celebrating 25 years of innovation, we deliver a unique approach that transcends traditional practices, catering to both enterprises and SMEs. Mastering CRM Strategy for Superior Account Management Lumen’s Unique Approach … Read more

The Cost of Interruptions in Sales & DevOps: Identifying and Solving Productivity Blockers

The Cost of Interruptions in Sales

The Significance of Efficient Meeting Frameworks in CRM and Sales Strategy In the realm of CRM consulting, especially when assisting enterprise customers to refine their CRM strategies, the significance of structuring productive meetings for sales teams cannot be overstated. Interruptions in sales and DevOps can cost more than time; they hit where it hurts: productivity. … Read more

Nurturing Loyalty: Recognising and Addressing Signals of Disloyal Employee

Identifying Signals of Potential Disloyal Employee

In the quest for excellence within B2B sectors, the composition of a sales team is critical. Skill and loyalty are the twin pillars and the foundation for success. Through advanced CRM strategies and AI-driven insights, we’ve identified not just the hallmarks of high performance but also the red flags of disloyalty. Early detection and strategic … Read more

Mastering the Strategic Decision to Walk Away from a Deal | CRM Strategy

Walk Away from a Deal CRM Strategy

Understanding the Art of Walking Away Walking away from a deal is a strategic decision. It’s not about giving up; it’s about making smart choices. This blog post aims to ensure that when you face this decision, it’s data-driven, backed by a solid business process, and clear to your sales team. We’ll cover why it’s … Read more