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Why Building an In-House B2B Content Team Outperforms Freelancers | Your Company’s Guide

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In the competitive world of B2B marketing, the quest for high-converting content often leads businesses to seek out top-tier freelance writers. While the allure of hiring a high-end writer is strong—given their ability to craft content that resonates deeply with customers and converts—the cost ($700 for 1,000 words and above) can be prohibitive. Moreover, relying heavily on a single or a few expensive freelancers can pose risks to consistency and sustainability. But what if there was a more effective strategy that aligns with your business objectives without breaking the bank?

Revolutionise Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy with Lumen’s CRM Strategy

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Generate Unmatched B2B Content Ideas Discover how Lumen’s CRM strategy powers a continuous flow of fresh, relevant content ideas. Our innovative approach ensures you never run out of compelling material for your audience. Personalise Content with Data-Driven Insights Learn how Lumen leverages CRM data to create personalised content that resonates deeply with your target market. … Read more

Lumen: Experts in Private ChatGPT Consulting & Implementation Specialists on Azure

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Deploy Enterprise-Grade ChatGPT in Azure with Lumen Harness the Power of Private ChatGPT on Azure with Lumen At Lumen, we specialise in developing and integrating intelligent systems with private ChatGPT, tailored specifically for Azure platforms. Our commitment to technological excellence ensures that your business leverages the full benefits of a private AI model, seamlessly integrating … Read more