3 common mistakes organisations are doing with their sales process

3 selling mistake with Zoho CRM implementation

Are you aware you are making these 3 typical sales process mistakes? As someone who has worked with countless CRM systems, I’ve seen first-hand how organizations can make common mistakes with their sales process. While a new CRM system can certainly bring benefits and efficiencies, it’s important to remember that the system will only reflect what the organization … Read more

Express Zoho CRM Implementations

Zoho express CRM implementation

Express Zoho CRM implementation is the fastest way to get you going Knowing if Express CRM implementation suites your organization depends on several factors such as your business needs, budget, self learning and timeline. Express CRM implementation typically involves implementing Zoho CRM “off-the-shelf” It is designed to meet the basic requirements of your business. Unlock your business’s potential … Read more

Sales Training

Tailored sales training methodologies-BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC and Sandler. Why us for your next sales training? With over 20 years of experience, our tailored training program is not just about improving sales numbers, it’s about creating a culture of success within your company. Our program is designed to not only meet, but exceed, your … Read more

Integrate the following sales techniques into a Zoho CRM implementation: BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC, and Sandler.

sales methodologies, BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC and Sandler to Zoho CRM implementation

We are pleased to announce that Lumen Business is the first Zoho partner worldwide to integrate the following sales techniques into a Zoho CRM implementation: BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC, and Sandler. Integrate the following sales techniques into a Zoho CRM implementation: BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC, and Sandler. By offering this service worldwide. Lumen Business … Read more

Am I using my Zoho CRM to its full potential?

Lumen Zoho CRM

Maximizing the Potential of Your Zoho CRM: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Investment   Zoho CRM is a powerful tool for managing customer relationships, but are you using it to its full potential? Here are a few questions to help you evaluate your implementation and make sure you’re getting the most out of … Read more

Launching a successful product with Zoho One and Zoho CRM

Over the years we have seen that, when companies launch new products, some of those products end up unsuccessful. The question becomes: “What makes a successful product or an unsuccessful product?”. We start by defining what is a successful new product. Most companies go with a objective definition of ROI by measuring sales volume, margin, … Read more

Cultivating initiative with high performance sales teams and utilising Zoho CRM

Unlike any other software implementation, a CRM implementation can fail structurally if not done correctly. It can also fail to live up to expectations if not utilised properly. At Lumen, we spend countless hours thinking about how to rectify these failures for our customers. One of the biggest questions we think people need to ask … Read more