AI Solutions for Financial Organisations | Expert AI consultant on Azure

Topic: AI Book a Free Consultation Topic: AI Book a Free Consultation Introduction Discover how Lumen Business Solutions empowers financial organisations with advanced AI technologies to enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and boost financial performance. Comprehensive AI Solutions for the Financial Sector Dynamic Financial Analysis and Reporting Industries: Corporate finance, financial institutions. Application: Financial Forecasting and … Read more

AI-Powered Competitive Intelligence Tool on Azure | Expert AI consultant NZ & AU

Topic: AI Custom Certification & Licencing Software Book a Free Consultation Topic: AI Book a Free Consultation Introduction to Azure-Based Market Analysis Solutions At Lumen Business Solutions, we are excited to unveil our latest offering tailored for corporate finance and strategic business units: the AI-Powered Competitive Intelligence Tool. This innovative service leverages the advanced capabilities of … Read more

AI Conversational Commerce Solutions for E-Commerce & Retail – Transforming Your Customer Engagement

Topic: AI Conversational Commerce Solutions Discover insights, drive growth, and streamline your operations with our expertise. Book a Free Consultation Revolutionizing E-commerce Engagement with AI-driven Conversational Solutions Conversational Commerce Solutions Conversational Commerce Solutions From AI-driven chat to seamless invoice and delivery, our integration of private ChatGPT on Azure and Lumen’s apps brings your e-commerce customers … Read more

12 Ways Generative AI Can Help Enterprise | ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence

AI specialises in chatGPT consulting Azure

In today’s digital landscape, businesses seek technologies that drive growth and efficiency. Generative AI stands out, offering solutions that transform operations and decision-making across sectors. This blog presents “12 Ways Generative AI Can Help Enterprises,” detailing how this technology enhances processes like proposal generation, communication, sentiment analysis, and content creation. Generative AI is reshaping industries, … Read more

Discover DiscoveryMaster: Litigation Discovery Process with AI

DiscoveryMaster Transform Your Litigation Discovery Process with AI

transform the discovery Introducing DiscoveryMaster: The Ultimate Litigation Support Software DiscoveryMaster is a groundbreaking software solution designed to transform the discovery phase of litigation into a streamlined, efficient, and less labor-intensive process. Leveraging advanced AI, machine learning, and intuitive design, DiscoveryMaster addresses the traditional challenges faced by legal professionals during discovery by automating the sorting, … Read more

AI-Powered CRM Transformation: Elevate Your Business with Lumen

Revolutionizing CRM with AI How Lumen Business Leads the Charge

Introduction to AI-Driven CRM Transformation At Lumen Business, we’re pioneering the future by integrating AI’s transformative power with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), launching customer service into a new realm of possibilities. With CRM vendors making significant investments in AI, the landscape has shifted dramatically. Lumen Business stands out by bridging a crucial gap – leveraging … Read more

Revolutionising CRM with AI: Customer Sentiment Analysis

Revolutionizing CRM with AI How Lumen Business Leads the Charge

In an era where technology continuously reshapes the business landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a beacon of innovation, especially in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Lumen Business is at the forefront, harnessing AI to elevate CRM systems to new heights, ensuring unparalleled customer service.

Accelerating AI in NZ: A Market-Led Approach to Boosting Productivity

Accelerating AI in NZ

Inspired by recent findings reported by Newshub, this blog post delves into the critical need for New Zealand to adopt a comprehensive AI strategy to significantly enhance productivity. The original article, which highlights a potential $26 billion addition to the economy through increased digital technology use, serves as a foundation for our discussion on accelerating AI adoption across industries. For more detailed insights, read the full article here.

AI Consulting Services | Top AI Consultants | Lumen business |NZ

AI Business Automation Consulting, Implementation & Training Experts NZ

Welcome to Lumen’s AI consulting services, your premier destination for cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. At Lumen AI, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, offering a comprehensive portfolio of AI products and services designed to empower businesses across various industries. From advanced analytics and machine learning models to bespoke AI consulting and implementation … Read more

AI Governance: A Non-Negotiable Enterprise Imperative

AI governance and security within the enterprise

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly integrates into our daily operations, the recent Air Canada chatbot incident serves as a crucial wake-up call. This situation, where a chatbot’s flawed advice led to a costly legal judgment against Air Canada, highlights the latent risks AI poses to enterprises. It underscores why robust AI governance … Read more