Why Building an In-House B2B Content Team Outperforms Freelancers | Your Company’s Guide


Why Building an In-House B2B Content Team Outperforms Freelancers | Your Company’s Guide

Ilan Gross

26 March 2024

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Optimizing B2B Content: In-House Team Strategy for Cost-Effective Excellence

Building an In-House B2B Content Team: A Cost-Effective Strategy for High-Converting Content

In the competitive world of B2B marketing, the quest for high-converting content often leads businesses to seek out top-tier freelance writers. While the allure of hiring a high-end writer is strong—given their ability to craft content that resonates deeply with customers and converts—the cost ($700 for 1,000 words and above) can be prohibitive. Moreover, relying heavily on a single or a few expensive freelancers can pose risks to consistency and sustainability. But what if there was a more effective strategy that aligns with your business objectives without breaking the bank?

b2b content team strategy
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In-House B2B Team: The Superior Choice for Quality, Consistency, and Budget

The Argument for an In-House Team

We contend that building an in-house team of B2B writers is not only a more budget-friendly option but also offers greater control over content quality, consistency, and alignment with business goals. An in-house team fosters a sustainable, company-wide content creation process that doesn't depend on the availability or cost of external writers. Here's how to achieve this:

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1. Establish Strong Business Processes and Culture

Successful in-house content creation begins with the right foundation. Ensuring that your business processes and culture support the flow of relevant information to your content writers is crucial. This environment empowers writers to produce content that is deeply aligned with your company’s values, goals, and customer needs.

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2. Utilize the Right Tools for Support and Research

Equipping your team with the necessary tools to support their work and conduct thorough research is non-negotiable. From content management systems to SEO and analytics tools, providing the right technology stack enables writers to craft well-informed and optimized content.

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3. Prioritize Writing Proficiency and Articulation

The ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and persuasively is key. Staff members tasked with content creation should possess strong writing skills, allowing them to communicate effectively with your B2B audience.

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4. Leverage Industry Knowledge Appropriately

While industry expertise can be beneficial, it’s not always a prerequisite for effective B2B content creation. With the right business processes, training, and culture, a team approach can compensate for individual gaps in knowledge. For highly specialized topics, such as molecular biology, partnering with subject matter experts to create content may be necessary. However, these instances are the exception rather than the rule.

Strategic Growth: The Case for In-House B2B Content Teams

The Path Forward

Creating a high-converting B2B content team in-house is not just about cutting costs; it's about building a sustainable, scalable content strategy that grows with your business. By focusing on developing a strong internal team, you can ensure that your content creation efforts are deeply integrated with your business objectives, resulting in content that not only converts but also resonates with your audience on a meaningful level.

In conclusion, while the temptation to hire high-end freelancers for their immediate impact is understandable, the long-term benefits of cultivating an in-house team of B2B writers—rooted in a strong understanding of your business, empowered by the right tools, and capable of producing consistent, high-quality content—cannot be overstated. It's a strategic investment in your business's future, one that promises not just savings, but also sustainability and success in the competitive landscape of B2B marketing.