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The Lesson from Herbert Dow, the Monopoly Breaker: Embracing Change with CRM strategy and Sales Expertise

Embracing Strategy Change: Mastering Tough Decisions with Lumen’s Expertise

In the dynamic world of sales and CRM strategy, admitting and rectifying a flawed strategy is a daunting task, especially for CEOs. It’s a challenge that extends beyond mere business acumen; it demands a profound readiness to embark on what is often a very hard path. This kind of strategic shift is not natural to do, requiring leaders to confront deeply ingrained habits and perspectives.

At Lumen, we understand the enormity of this challenge and provide the necessary processes and training to support such pivotal changes. Inspired by the resilience and innovation of Herbert Dow, founder of Dow Chemical Company, we guide businesses through market challenges, particularly when it involve a strategic shift in their product or service offerings

Synopsis of Herbert Dow’s Story:

  • The German Monopoly: In the early 20th century, a German chemical cartel dominated the global bromine market.
  • Dow’s Innovative Entry: Herbert Dow founded Dow Chemical Company, introducing an efficient method to produce bromine.
  • Undercutting the Monopoly: Dow began selling bromine at lower prices in the U.S., challenging the cartel’s high prices.
  • The Cartel’s Retaliation: The cartel responded by dumping cheap bromine in the U.S. market.
  • Dow’s Strategic Counter: Dow bought the cheap bromine and resold it profitably in Europe, undermining the cartel’s strategy.
  • Breaking the Monopoly: This move dismantled the cartel’s monopoly and established Dow’s presence in the global market.
The Lesson from Herbert Dow
The Lesson from Herbert Dow

When and How to Initiate Change in Strategy

Identifying the need for strategic change is pivotal for any business. At Lumen, we guide companies through this crucial process, inspired by Herbert Dow’s bold tactics. Whether it’s adjusting your product line or redefining your CRM strategy, understanding ‘when’ and ‘how’ to pivot is essential for sustainable success.

Lumen’s Insight: Learning from Dow’s Resilience and Innovation

Lumen’s approach to sales training and CRM strategy mirrors Dow’s resilience. We tackle the challenges faced by companies, particularly those reliant on a single product or service. Our training aims to build the capacity necessary for recognizing when and how to initiate strategic change, drawing parallels from Dow’s journey.

The Lesson
The Lesson from Herbert Dow

Adapting to Market Realities: Lumen’s Approach to CRM and Sales Training

At Lumen, we stress the importance of adapting to market realities. Similar to how Dow recognized the need for a strategic shift, we equip businesses with tools and insights for informed decision-making about when to persist, stop losses, or pivot strategies

Cultivating High-Performance Sales Teams: The Lumen Method

Our training extends beyond conventional CRM strategies. It’s about developing high-performance sales teams that are adept at navigating the intricate balance between business culture and processes, crucial for real transformation and success.

Business Culture vs. Business Process: Lumen’s Balanced Perspective

Understanding the synergy between business culture and business processes is vital for effective CRM strategies. Lumen’s services delve into these aspects, ensuring that sales teams are well-rounded and prepared for evolving market demands.

Embracing Business Culture with Lumen’s Proven Strategies

Lumen’s expertise in fostering a thriving business culture is founded on a unique approach that blends Judaeo-Christian values with modern organisational strategies. Their methodology focuses on creating a high-performance culture that values mistakes as learning opportunities and embraces a forward-thinking, ‘prophetic’ mindset. This inclusive culture acknowledges every good idea, fosters innovation and a sense of belonging, and is critical in building a listening organisation that prioritises critical thinking and constructive communication.

For more detailed insights into Lumen’s approach to business culture, visit their service page.